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Get updates of COVID 19 in your phone. WHO now launches mobile app for COVID 19 Updates!



New Oxford COVID-19 test based on machine learning can provide results in under 5 minutes

To provide the safety advice to people and share facts that is related to corona i.e COVID 19, World Health Organization launched a mobile app.

This app will provide the information with accuracy and trust, facts and the data related to COVID 19.

Remember, this app has not feature of contact tracing that other similar types of app use to have.

To know the latest COVID 19 stats, user is provided with “Stat” tab . You can look stat locally and globally. Statistic on number of death caused by this virus is also provided in the app.

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4 Strategies to Drive Mobile App Engagement



Image Source: Unsplash

You’ve designed your app well, polished it, and marketed it as much as you can. However, your analytics are showing dismal user engagement and retention — numbers you think don’t correspond to the quality of your application. If you’re confident you’ve made all the right decisions regarding your mobile app from its creation to its launch, then why is it underperforming? You may need to increase mobile app engagement.

See, mobile app performance isn’t solely defined by its user interface, features, speed, and overall design. If your app fails to engage customers, then all the bells and whistles it offers will be for naught. Engaging your customers means giving them a pleasant user experience. You want them to enjoy using the app and keep coming back to it. To drive mobile app engagement, you need to employ strategies that work with your app, but before you start brainstorming, you first need to learn the metrics and KPIs you’ll be working with.

Metrics and KPIs of mobile app engagement

  • Active users – arguably the most important metric for app developers; this metric helps you understand how effective or useful your app is by identifying how many users return to your app. This can be measured daily or monthly.
  • Retention rate – this metric tells you what percentage of users return to your app. It lets you see how many users you’re letting go. It’s usually calculated by dividing an app’s monthly active users by monthly installs. However, it may make more sense for other apps to measure a different metric other than installs.
  • Churn rate – this metric identifies how many users you have lost (by percentage).
  • Session length – this metric shows you how much time each user spends in your app every time they open it. It serves as a reliable indicator of app engagement since time spent in the app shows how valuable the app is to the user.

Use push notifications wisely

Many apps use push notifications as a primary way of engaging users, and many of them do it the wrong way. Most of the time, push notifications get sent to users at the worst times, such as in the user’s first time opening the app, resulting in most of them getting annoyed and opting out of it. If you want users to opt-in for your app’s push notifications, you want to follow these practices:

  • Create an excellent first impression – You want your app’s landing page to clearly present relevant information about its functions, features, and how it will use push notifications. Through this, you give your users a good understanding of how the app works, thereby helping them decide whether opting in for push notifications will benefit them.
  • Nail the perfect timing – Relating to the previous technique, bombarding your users with requests for push notifications is a bad first impression. You don’t want to ask them to opt-in for push notifications when they know so little about your application. Let them learn more about the app 
  • by giving them clear information and letting them use it first.
  • Personalize push notifications – the best way to make users hate your push notifications is by filling their devices with useless ones. Users dread getting a deluge of useless notifications, but if your app pushes notifications that are personalized, targeted, and sent at the right time, it will improve user experience and decrease the likelihood of users opting out of push notifications.

Simplify social sharing

Social sharing is one of the many ways an app generates more engagement as it provides exposure for your app. Users don’t share stuff from your app out of nowhere, but when they have something they want to share to their Facebook or Twitter accounts, such as game high scores, fitness milestones, or any content worth sharing, you want to make the process of doing so as convenient as possible. However, you don’t want social sharing to be an intrusive aspect of your app, only offer the option when it makes sense, or even better, just make the option to do so easy to access. When users share content from your app with no hassle, it helps them develop a positive relationship with the app.

Maximize the use of deep linking

Deep links are a type of link that directs users straight to your app instead of your website’s home page. They are a great way of saving users time in finding your app, enhancing the user experience. But how do you get the most out of deep links? 

In mobile apps, deep linking works a bit differently. Instead of sending users to your app, it’s meant to send them to a specific screen within. Deep linking for mobile apps is done through mobile ads, push notifications, and in-app messages. This is another reason why personalizing push notifications matters a lot. When done correctly, deep linking drives app engagement by saving users’ time, presenting them the right content with excellent timing, and making navigating the app almost effortless. 

Invest in re-engaging users

Instead of focusing your strategies on driving app engagement from new users, you should also direct some of your efforts into wooing back users you’ve spent plenty of resources on acquiring. One mistake most apps make is neglecting the users they’ve acquired, leading to a drop in retention rate and engagement. If onboarding more users appears to be difficult, re-engaging users is a strategy that can work wonders in boosting mobile app engagement. 

In summary

Mobile app performance isn’t dictated by the app building process alone. If you want your app to perform to its full potential, you need to drive mobile app engagement using strategies such as the wise use of push notifications, simplification of social sharing, maximization of deep linking, and investment in re-engagement of users.

Author: Regi Publico

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8 ways to grow your Tiktok followers and get famous



tiktok time

Are you wondering about how to grow your Tiktok followers?

TikTok is one of the latest social media sites, and despite its launch in 2016 (more than four years ago), the platform had a banner year in 2020. Tiktok grew in popularity while a global pandemic kept individuals indoors and away from their pals. And it appears that the platform’s novelty hasn’t worn off yet.The TikTok app’s popularity has skyrocketed since its initial release. It was the top downloaded photo and video app in the Apple store worldwide in October 2018. The app is said to have over 500 million monthly active users, with the United States being the most popular country, with over 80 million downloads.

The TikTok app has taken video making and sharing to the next level by simplifying it. All users have to do is record and publish anything from their regular activities. Because of the brief format, neither creating the video nor watching it takes much time or effort.Additionally, when a user starts the app, this short-form video material is automatically played. One by one, the films begin to play, and the spectator becomes immersed in a sea of amusing, entertaining, and addictive video content. It is very easy for people to keep watching random videos for hours due to the addictive nature of the type of information.

If you want to be successful on TikTok, you’ll need to cultivate a large following. You’ll attract more attention for your business if you have a larger audience, which will help you raise brand awareness, enhance sales, and build long-term relationships with your target audience. While there are systems that can help you gain more followers quickly, they will only help you in the short run.To get the most of the platform, you’ll need genuine TikTok fans who are interested in your brand and what you have to offer.

Let’s take a deeper look at these TikTok follower-growing methods so you can start using them right away!

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Ways to grow your Tiktok followers

1. Identify your target audience

Identifying your target audience is one of the most crucial things to accomplish if you want to increase your TikTok followers. TikTok users, like those on other social media sites, span a wide range of ethnicities, geographies, and interests. The type of content that appeals to one group may not be appealing to another.So, before you start thinking about TikTok marketing or TikTok influencers, figure out what your target audience is up to on the platform.

Trends are everything on TikTok, and you can substantially boost your TikTok followers by jumping on them as they happen. Of course, just because something is popular does not imply that you must join it. Make sure that the trends you join in on are ones that your target audience is also following.

3. Educational content for your followers

For brands and influencers, the best TikTok video is both instructive and entertaining. Use TikTok to create valuable, interesting, and informative material for your audience. Using smart TikTok videos to communicate information about your products and services that can best serve and make your audience’s lives easier is a fantastic concept.

4. Use of Hashtags

Hashtags are widely used on social media because they make it simple to identify collections of material that you’re interested in. When you utilize a combination of branded hashtags, trending hashtags, business-specific hashtags, and generic hashtags on TikTok, you may help build your TikTok audience. With the free TikTok hashtag generator tools, you may locate some fantastic hashtags.

5. Promotion of videos

TikTok alone cannot sustain marketing. Furthermore, TikTok isn’t a stand-alone app. Other social media channels, such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and even Pinterest or Reddit, must be included in a comprehensive digital marketing strategy. You should be present anywhere your target audience spends time online.

6. Posting time 

Making sure you post on TikTok at the proper moment is one of the best techniques to gain more TikTok followers. Of course, the optimal moment is when your target audience is most likely to be online. Finding that sweet spot may take some trial and error, but it’ll be well worth it. To automate this procedure, we propose using a TikTok scheduling tool.

7. Participate in challenges

On TikTok, there are numerous challenges. We recommend that you participate in the same TikTok challenges as your target audience. Many of the most popular challenges involve dancing, so be ready to show off your best talents. You can build your own challenges on TikTok in addition to participating in current ones.

8. Engage with other Tiktokers 

Keep in mind that TikTok, like all social media sites, is intended to be used socially. As a result, it’s critical to interact with other TikTok artists on the site, taking advantage of TikTok’s duet and stich features to do so.Start by including product and service education into your engagement efforts (but don’t be spammy), but don’t be afraid to engage with other artists just because you appreciate their material.

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What is Clubhouse? Things you need to know about clubhouse




What is clubhouse?

The iPhone operating system (iOS) can provides the voice-chatting app where every iOS users can host and join the conversation. You are allowed to create own room and join the rooms from where you can make a circle or join that. The room, is created by the pioneer of some field which includes different topics. In this section clubhouse you won’t found video, pictures, but you can hardly found the text over here but you could easily get the access to audio. It is similar like joining a podcast episode.

Who are on clubhouse?

The clubhouse app gone popular when the celebrities like DRAKE and VIRGIL joined the app. The app is currently hosting more than 10.2 billion users. The app is now in the apex growing stage because it is rapidly including the most versatile podcast host and social media stars. This app can provides the high security to the user. It can allow you to join the interesting conversation. The frequently herding name and popular person MC Hammer who is well-known for hosting the rooms of cryptocurrencies. The talks of celebrity on club house will not becomes the headline news.

How to join clubhouse?

At this current moment, you need an invitation from the existing member of the clubhouse family. You need to receive a coveted invitation, therefore, you can also extend to invite the four of your friend. The CEO of Clubhouse Paul Davidson has promised that the Clubhouse app will available for all operating system like Android OS, Windows and so on but now it is in the developing phase so it only gives the access to iOS users.

Benefits of the app:

We all people from different country started to feel too much comfortable with the video platform like TIKTOK, but the clubhouse app has done some real promises that it will includes the every types of generation and professional .it will be the most important platform to the housewives also. The app is designed under the informal nature where we found really something for everyone. The most shocking event on clubhouse is that even ELON MUSK has invited VLADIMIR PUTIN (Russian President) to the club house.

So, Tech Byte recommend you that if any of your friend sent you invitation don’t ignore the invitation because it will be something in near future.

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