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‘myWorldLink’ app, New Update Use with the Nepali Language

‘myWorldLink’ app, New Update Use with the Nepali Language

Have you updated your ‘myWorldLink‘ app recently? If not, please update your app to get the Nepali Language feature while using it.

WorldLink Communications facilitates its users through effective control from the ‘myWorldLink‘ app. You can change your WiFi password, view your connected devices and filter the devices to get connected to your wifi easily with myWorldLink App.

myWorldLink app

If you’ve forgotten your Wifi password and need to connect a new device or reconnect an existing device, myWorldLink app will take you through ways to retrieve the credentials you need. You can comfortably view number of people have joined your wireless network and if you feel that your wifi is being misused you can block those users immediately. The power is yours, so as the control.

How can you feel more ‘sense of belonging’? Well, language can be your first choice. We can communicate better to all the ranges of people more effectively with our local Language. WorldLink communications feels the same way too. The company has updated its widely used app, ‘myWorldLink‘ with the Nepali language, bringing more affinity feeling to its customers.

How to change your language to Nepali in ‘myWorldLink’ app?

If you are wondering how to change the language in your app, let me guide you through.

Step 1: Open your myWorldLink app

Step 2: Click on ‘More’ on the right bottom corner

Step 3: Click on ‘Settings’

Step 4: Click on ‘Select language’

Step5: Select ‘नेपाली’

Note: This setting is currently unavailable at the iOS devices, but don’t worry, its coming soon .

myWorldLink app

What more can you do with ‘myWorldLink’ app?

  • Report Your Problems instantly

You can Report your issues and problems in your internet or TV services provided by WorldLink Communications through the app. You can get instant support whenever you need it.

  • Check Your Internet usage

You can check your daily bandwidth consumption, your upload as well as download volumes using the app.

  • Change Password

You can make your account more secured by changing the password. You can also change your wifi password and secure your wifi from misuse tracking through the app.

  • Billing

Pay your internet bills, anywhere anytime with your transaction history saved in your devices, where the app has been installed.

Are you one of the WorldLink user? Have you downloaded the ‘myWorldLink’ app? If you have not downloaded yet, the app is available in the app store, download and get updated.

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