YouTube New ads Update: Lets users mute gambling and alcohol ads

YouTube New ads Update: Lets users mute gambling and alcohol ads

Youtube New ads update suggests about the tools that will let users hide gambling and alcohol-related ads if they don’t decide to view them.

The new settings have surfaced in response to “feedback that some people would prefer to limit ads in certain categories,” YouTube said, BBC has mentioned.

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Online Gambling as well as alcohol advertisings has been increased more substantially in recent years, which has been a major concern to parents about its impact for their children and young ones.

However, Youtube doesn’t guarantee that all ads are filtered out. A new control in ad settings will be launched, enabling people to see fewer alcohol ads, with gambling as an additional option. It will sit alongside an existing feature that allows people to adjust personalised ads.

YouTube New ads Update: Where will the update happen?

The feature to allow ads to be switched off will roll out in the US first and come to the UK and other countries later next year. It may also be applied beyond YouTube, with the company saying it plans to bring it to all Google Ads – which runs a significant chunk of the entire digital advertising market – in 2021. This means Digital Marketing has got a new challenge.

Countries that already restrict ads related to gambling and alcohol will see no change.

Globally, ad impressions (the number of times an ad appears on a screen) for gambling sites have more than doubled during the coronavirus pandemic. The feature is expected to be added.


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