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5 Simple Steps to Change Your YouTube Name

5 Simple Steps to Change Your YouTube Name

It is very easy to change your Youtube name and it takes less than a minute. Many of you might have your own youtube channel and you think that the name you previously chose is not suitable for your channel. In that case you surely want to change your youtube name. If you don’t know how to change the youtube name then this article will help you alot ,you just have to stick with us till last.

There might be the case that you chose a very awkward youtube name back in your high school days and it is really embarrasing you in recent days. No problem, just chabge your youtube name and deal with your emanarrasment.

But keep in mind that you can change your youtube name three times in a 90 day period.So make sure that you choose a suitable name for your youtube channel.

How To Change Your Youtube Name?

Changing youtube name is not a big deal, you just have to follow a couple of steps. Here’s how you can change your youtube name:-

  • First of all, go to Youtube and make sure that you are signed in.
  • You can see your profile icon on the top right corner, click on that.
Change Your YouTube Name
  • After you click on your profile icon a dropdown menu appears. You will find Settings on the drop-down menu, click on that.
Change Your YouTube Name
  • Next page that appears displays your current Youtube name; click on Edit on Google beside your name.
Change Your YouTube Name
  • There you will see your current name. Now you can replace your current name with the newly chosen name.
Change Your YouTube Name
  • After you type the new name, click on OK.

How to change your channel description through mobile?

If you own youtube channel then you must provide a very interesting channel description so that it can attract lots of audiences. If you have kept an awkward description in the past and now you want to change it through mobile then you have to follow these simple steps:-

  • In your mobile go to your youtube app and tap your profile icon.
  • There you can see your channel. Tap on that.
  • Now you can see your channel page in the right-hand corner, tap settings.
  • There you can see the description section, enter description and tap OK


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