YouTube Partner Program: Nepal Included in, Easy to monetize

YouTube Partner Program: Nepal Included in, Easy to monetize

Are you a Youtuber in Nepal? Are you facing some issues in monetization? There’s some good news coming to you. Nepal has been included in the YouTube Partner Program by YouTube in its recent YouTube Partner Program List.

YouTube Partner Program Nepal

YouTube Partner Program: What does Nepal’s inclusion in the list suggest?

Nepal has been included in the List means You can be in the services and rewards processes of YouTube from Nepal itself.

All this time, those who are earning from YouTube through monetization have to maintain their process mentioning the name of some other listed partner countries.

Nepal has got plenty of the YouTubers who are earning through monetization, but YouTube has not recognized them as Nepali YouTubers. Nepalese have to act like the users from countries like India, USA to get monetization in YouTube.

After the inclusion of Nepal in the YouTube Partner Program, you can now keep Nepal as your country for monetization process and get your earnings easily. Moreover, All the new rules and services from YouTube will now apply to the Nepalese Youtubers too.

There are more than 122 countries to be included in this partnership program. You can monetize your channel when you get more than 4000 subscribers and your videos are streamed and viewed for more than 4000 hours. In recent times, Nepali YouTubers have been earning more than 5lakhs a month through monetization in YouTube.

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