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ConnectIPS: Making your Bank Transactions easier

ConnectIPS: Making your Bank Transactions easier

ConnectIPS is a single payments platform, enabling the customers to link their bank account(s) and process the payments, transfer the funds or pay any bills through app.

The product has been brought into existence as the extended product by Nepal Clearing House to support citizen-to-government (C2G), customer-to-business (C2B) and peer-to-peer (P2P) payment transactions directly from/into bank accounts.

What’s the catch? You can make payments of 1 lakh in a day and 5 lakhs per month, swiping through your phone or surfing web app from your computer. Luring, isn’t it?

Let’s walkthrough on the app, how the app is creating a new era in Nepal for bank transactions and how can you be a part of this.

ConnectIPS Nepal: How to create an account?

Let’s guide you through some steps, stay along.

1. Firstly, go to, on your computer

2. Already created your account? Click on sign-in.

If not, click on sign-up to create a new connectIPS account.


3. Fill in the form with your general and login information and click on register. (Don’t forget to mark on “I have read and agree with the Terms and Conditions”).

After you click on register on register, you will be successfully registered to ConnectIPS. Now, enter your username you used to register your account to sign in.

ConnectIPS: Verify and Link your account

After you register your account, you need to sign in with your login information (username and password you filled in the form)

1. After you sign-in, dashboard of ConnectIPS will appear. You need to verify your information through mobile and email. Click on “Get code for mobile” and “Get code for email” one by one.

2. One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your email and mobile. Enter the OTP you received and click on verify.


3. After verifying user information, you need to link your bank account.

4. Fill in the details. In account nickname, write the short form of your bank, enter your account number, name, the branch where you created your account, and bank name. Now, click on “send for approval”.

5. Your bank account details will appear on the screen. There you will see the “Download Form” button. Click on it and download the form.

You need to print out this form and sign on to them. Visit your bank branch and submit this form. As soon as you submit this form, they will carry out the further process. A few days later, your account will be approved.

ConnectIPS: What can you do?

In “Manage Account” you can check whether your account is approved or not. If it is not approved, it will show ‘pending’ on account status.

Hey, congratulations! Once your account has been approved, you can perform the following transactions through ConnectIPS.

  • You can transfer money to your account.
  • You can transfer money to another connectIPS user.
  • You can transfer money to other bank accounts or favourite accounts.
  • In creditor’s option, You can do credit card payment.
  • You can make wallet top-ups like eSewa and Khalti.
  • You can make your insurance payment.
  • You can view your transactions list.

ConnectIPS: Transfer Funds and Biller Payments

Using connectIPS for fund transfer or biller payments means increase convenience through single payments platform.

For making the transfer of funds, you need to take the following steps:

1. Provide Beneficiary

Enter the information of the beneficiary information and transaction details for the transfer. The information may include the bank accounts, name and branch of the beneficiary.

You can also make biller payments by filling the information about bills/ payments you need to make.

2. Select Bank Account

Select your bank account from which to pay.

3. Confirm

Now, confirm the credentials (PIN/OTP) and make your transaction a success.

ConnectIPS: Which Banks it support?

ConnectIPS supports the following banks:

Commercial Banks

  1. Agricultural Development Bank Limited
  2. Bank of Kathmandu Limited
  3. Century Bank
  4. Citizens Bank International Limited
  5. Civil Bank Limited
  6. Everest Bank Limited
  7. Global IME Bank
  8. Himalayan Bank Limited
  9. Kumari Bank Limited
  10. Laxmi Bank
  11. Machhapuchchhre Bank Limited
  12. Mega Bank Nepal limited
  13. Nabil Bank
  14. NCC Bank Limited
  15. NIC ASIA Bank Limited
  16. Nepal Bangladesh Bank
  17. Nepal Bank Limited
  18. Nepal Investment Bank Limited
  19. NMB Bank
  20. Prabhu Bank
  21. Prime Bank Limited
  22. Sanima Bank
  23. Siddhartha Bank
  24. Sunrise Bank Limited
  25. Rastriya Banijya Bank Limited

Development Banks

  1. Deva Bikas bank Limited
  2. Excel Development Bank Limited
  3. Gandaki Bikas Bank Limited
  4. Garima Bikas Bank Limited
  5. Green Development Bank Limited
  6. Kailash Bikas Bank Limited
  7. Kanchan Development Bank Limited
  8. Jyoti Bikas Bank Limited
  9. Mahalaxmi Bikas Bank Limited
  10. Miteri Development Bank Limited
  11. Muktinath Bikas Bank Limited
  12. Kamana Sewa Bank Limited
  13. Lumbini Bikas Bank Limited
  14. SaptaKoshi Development Bank
  15. Sangrilla Development Bank Limited
  16. Shine Resunga Development Bank Limited
  17. Tinau Mission Development Bank Limited

Finance Companies

  1. City Express
  2. Guheswori Merchant Banking and Finance Limited
  3. Gurkhas Finance Limited
  4. ICFC Finance Limited
  5. Manjushree Finance Limited
  6. Progressive Finance Limited
  7. Reliance Finance Limited
  8. United Finance Limited
  9. Best Finance Company Limited
  10. Goodwill Finance Limited
  11. Central Finance Limited
  12. POFIL
  13. Samriddhi Finance

Haven’t signed up yet? Don’t be late to grab the opportunity to prosper your transactions from your hands, avoid long queues in the banks.


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