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10 Best Secure And Encrypted Messaging Apps For Android & iOS | 2020 Edition

10 Best Secure And Encrypted Messaging Apps For Android & iOS | 2020 Edition

It is obvious that millions of people regularly message. But we are unknown to the fact that our message can be intercepted by a third-party. Therefore, we have listed the best secure and encrypted messaging apps so that our conversation will be safer.

In this Internet world, many agencies and organization are often trying to access private communications. There are many examples of that so that to overcome the issue the demand for secure messaging apps is rapidly increasing. These apps help to maintain privacy. Here is the list of 10 best secure and encrypted messaging app that can secure your privacy.

10 Best Secure And Encrypted Messaging Apps For Android & iOS(2020)

Best Secure And Encrypted Messaging Apps

Signal Private Messenger

This is free app with good user interface and also open source. It includes several features like encrypted voice calls, group chats, media transfer, archive functionality and many more. The message that we sent can be self-destruct after some time.

This app can also be used in a computer with Chrome browser extension. It is cosidered as one of the most secure apps for Android and iOS because it uses advanced encryption to secure messages.

Download: Signal Private Messenger


This app provides best security and does not provide ant third party access. There is a secret chat function which can self-destruct the messages .You can also self destruct your accounnt at a specified time.

By using this app you can easily sync your messages. It includes essential features such as sending media files, doccuments and many more. It is quite easy to use because of its simple design. This app is tottaly free and supported in android and iOS.



iMessage is one of the most secure app for iPhone users. It has end to end encryption and other mesaures to keep your conversation safe. It is also availaible on iPads and macOS.

It has lots of features such as AR powered Animoji and Memoji stickers, easy user interface and you can also add youtube videos, spotify links, photos, etc. This is onlu availaible for iOS users.



This app has over million downloads and is considered as one of the best open source secured messaging apps.It includes all the necessary features to keep your data safe. It doesn’t ask you for e-mail while signing up; it provides you unique Threema ID.

Once the message is sent from this app , it is automatically deleted from the server. It uses trusted library (NACI) that protects your communication. You can use this app from desktop as well.

Download: Threema

Wickr Me- Private Messenger

It is another good app for android as well as iOS. It encrypts message using vetted end to end encryption. You can also send private message, photos,e.t.c to Wickr users. This app has Shredder feature that irreversibly deletes chats and other media from your device.

This app is completely securing and free. It doesnot contain any ads.

Download: Wickr Me


Silence is a good app when it comes to private messaging. This app uses Axolotl encryption protection to secure your message. You can easily use this as regular SMS application.

It doesnot require any internet connection because it acts as regular SMS app. To use this app you don’t have to register or sign up. This app is free and open source.

Download: Silence

Viber messenger

It is a messaging app which was initially availaible on iPhone and this is similar to Skype. This app was launced in android on 2012. Viber is very popular now and uses end to end encryption service.

It uses color coded system which shows how protected the conversation is. Green means encrypted conversation and red means there is some problem in authentication key. It also provides feature to play games and follow public contact. This app has millions of user.

Download: Viber Messenger


It is one of the most popular app and is very secured. It is supported in both iOS and Android and has over 1 billion users. It uses robust encryption technology which ensures that only sender and reader can read the message.

It includes amazing features such as you can send voice message, photos, videos, GIDs, video calls and many more. You can add stories like facebook. It has simple interface and you can download it for free.

Download: WhatsApp


This application provides a great security. The conversation in this app is highly encrypted and secured. It doesnot store messages in permanent storage and your can conversation are self-destuctive after recipient receives it.

You cant take screenshot through this app. If someone takes screenshot it automatically notifies you. You can easily send messages, links, stickers and more through this app. It is free to download.



This is the newly launched app in the market. You can access Ethereum based application trough crypto wallet and a Web3 browser. This app uses end to end encryption as well as peer to peer messagin protocal to make messaging more secure.

You dont need any phone number to login into this instead of that it uses public and private cryptographic keys. This app is completely free and liked by many users.


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