8 Best Android Call Blocker App List For 2020 | Filter Spam Calls

8 Best Android Call Blocker App List For 2020 | Filter Spam Calls

If you get unnecessary calls on your android device then the only way to get rid of them is to use call blocker. Here we have done the hard work and found 8 best android call blocker app that will surely help you to get rid of unnecessary phone calls.

I am sure that you must have been annoyed with some phone calls either from any marketing companies or any specific person. Although there are built-in call blockers in most of the android device but there are few devices where you must install a third-party call blocker app. Here in this article we have done a lot of research and listed some of the best android call blocker apps in 2020.

Before diving into the apps lets get the idea of call blocker.

What is call blocker app?

Call blocker app is one of the effective apps to use on your device to prevent unwanted calls. Sometimes there comes a situation where you don’t want to talk to the specific person whatever might be the reason. In that case, you can use call blocker app so that the person won’t be able to be in contact with you in the coming future.

8 Best Android Call Blocker App List For 2020

S.NCall blocker app
1Call blacklist
3Mr Number
4Should I Answer?
5True caller
6Call Control
7Call blocker Free

Call Blacklist:-

Call blacklist is popular android call blocker that works as both spam call blocker and SMS call blocker. You can directly block any kinds of spam calls, messages from private, specific or hidden numbers. You can create whitelist and blacklist in the app and also use password to controll it.

Best Android Call Blocker App

Intresting thing is that you can even schedule time to to block any specific numbers. It is tottaly free and light-weight.


Hiya is useful app that is used to block calls in android. Other that blocking calls, messages ,blacklisting number we can also use features such as reverse phone number lookup and use caller ID security protection. This app can use reverse phone number feature to find out wheather the caller is legitimate or fraud.

Best Android Call Blocker App

You can also make calls within the app and this app is ad-free.


The reason to add Mr Number in one of the best android call blocker is due to its amazing performance and its review. It allows to block unwanted calls and identifies spam calls and messages. You can block calls from your contact and by adding number manually.

Best Android Call Blocker App

It also allows to block any international calls and any specific area code. This app is quite easy to use.

Should I Answer?:-

This app causes great trouble to telemarketers , scammers, and other unwanted calls because it shows exact information of incomming call. Unwanted calls is divided into categories and assigned ratings. You can block any numbers and also block all the calls that are not in your contact list.

Best Android Call Blocker App

It works offline and doesn’t upload your contact which makes this app one of the best android call blocker app. It is free with no ads.


I think truecaller does not require any kind of introduction. It is one of the best apps with the best ratings and is preferred by millions of users. It is very easy to block unwanted number and messages in this app. You will see the names of unknown numbers and can get the detail of the person trying to call you. You can also back-up your history, contact to Google Drive.

Best Android Call Blocker App

Overall truecaller is a great and the best android call blocker app that is totally free but contains ads.

Call Control:-

This app is consodered as one of the efficient app that allows you to block unwanted calls from telemarketers, or any specific persons. There is a Do Not Disturb feature which during which you will not get any calls or messages

Best Android Call Blocker App

There is also advanced dialer and CallerID feature which is very useful. This a good app that’s why it is listed in the best android call blocker app.

Call Blocker Free:-

If we are talking about the best android call blocker app then we can’t miss call blocker free. This app blocks unwanted and spam calls. There is feature called blacklist where you can add all the unwanted numbers that annoys me. You can also enable call reminder that identifies unknown number.

Best Android Call Blocker App

Overall it is a good app.


This is the best app to identify spam calls, telemarketers. The great feature of this app is that it can automatically block unwanted numbers and save your time.

Best Android Call Blocker App

This app has also CallerId feature and is free of ads.

You can choose any one of the apps because they are the top 8 best android call blocker app available on the play store.

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How do I stop spam calls on my android phone?

This is the most common question that comes in the mind of audience during reading this article. Well, it is very easy to block spam calls. Here’s few steps that helps you to get rid of spam calls:-
1) Open Phone app on your device
2) Go to Recent calls
3) Tap the number you want to mark as spam
4) Tap Block/ spam. Confirm that you want to block the number.
5) If you see the option, Report call as spam
6) Tap Block

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