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How to open the Prabhu bank account online?



prabhu bank

Prabhu bank has made opening bank account easier by providing the option to open the Prabhu bank account online. This feature lets the customer avoid the lengthy queue normally present in bank branches. It also saves time for the customer to go to the bank to fill the form. This feature is even more important now so that we can maintain the social distancing to avoid Covid-19.

The procedure to open the Prabhu bank account online is similar to opening the account from the bank branch itself. However, all the details should be provided online through the internet. You do not need to fill the details on a physical form. This method also helps to easily correct any mistakes digitally without having to fill details in a new form again.

To open Prabhu bank account online, you need the following documents.

Documents needed to open Prabhu bank account online

  • 1 PP size photo (selfie is not allowed)
  • Copy of citizenship / Voter Id / Driving License / Passport
  • Copy of valid student ID card (for Student Savings A/c)
  • Nominee details (if nominee declared)
  • Copy of valid document from Firm / Business / Office (for Paurakhi Bachat)
  • Utility bills

Note: Nepalese citizens working overseas are not eligible to open Prabhu bank account online. So, this feature is only available to open an online account from Nepal.

Opening Prabhu bank account online

At first, you need to go to Then, a page appears with the details of the documents required.

Prabhu bank Online account landing page

Select ‘Proceed to E-Account Opening Form. Then, you will be prompted to select your nearest branch for account opening.

prabhu online account branch select

Now, select the branch nearest to you. After that, you will see various savings plan available for you. You can select the plan suitable for you and then click on ‘Apply Now’.

prabhu online account savings plan select

After you select the plan best for you, you will then see a page to enter your details as the picture below.

prabhu online account customer details

After submitting the details, you will then see a message that asks you to check your email for verification.

email verification message

Now, you need to check your mail. You will have a message with a link in the mail. Click on the link; and you will be prompted to the page with the online form for the respective plan that you have selected.

Once you open the link, you will have 3 more steps before the procedure is complete. You will first have to enter your account details and options. Then, you have to upload your documents. At last, you have to agree to the terms and conditions, and then, the online account opening is complete.

After these processes, your inputs for the online account opening in Prabhu Bank is complete. Now, the employees at the bank will review your documents and contact you for further procedures.

This way, you can open your bank account online without any hassle and save time as well.

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