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Google Plus Code to be used by Local Government for Postal Services | What is Google Code Plus??

Google Plus Code to be used by Local Government for Postal Services | What is Google Code Plus??

The Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration has directed all 753 local bodies of our country Nepal to use Google Plus code for the distribution of postal services.

Earlier, the postal department had launched the Google Plus code with a plan to deliver the letter to the recipient’s house or office through Google, saying that it is not possible to deliver the letter easily to the houses and offices of large settlements due to systematic urbanization.

So, these same Google code Plus will now be also used by Government local bodies to send the letters and goods to the sender.

According to the procedure, the goods/letters will be delivered based on the Google code provided by the sender.

For this, the postal staff will deliver the postal material by identifying the exact location through the Google Maps app or GPS tracking device on the mobile phone.

What is Google Plus Code??

Google Plus Codes are digital addresses similar to street addresses based on latitude and longitude and displayed as numbers and letters. For example 8QQ7+V8, Kathmandu

This is mainly useful for people or places that don’t have exact address locations and want an exact location to deliver their goods at their doorsteps.

Instead of addresses with street names and numbers, Google Plus Codes are displayed as numbers and letters. With this people can receive deliveries, access emergency, and social services, or just help other people find them.

Why Google Plus Codes?

  • Open source and easy to use
  • Accessible offline
  • Language independent
  • Versatile

How to know your Google Plus Code?

  • Go to
  • Search for your address/ You can turn on your location
  • There you will see the Google Plus code along with latitude and longitude
  • If you want to email this Google Plus code to someone else there’s an email sign, you can click on that and it will automatically redirect you to email.

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