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We’re extremely connected with our screens right now. Here is how to protect your eyes

We’re extremely connected with our screens right now. Here is  how to protect your eyes

If you leave tech professionals behind, every people are on their screen for most of the time. This time on screen might be maximum for most of the people. Most of these people had not been with a connection of screen for such a long time. This connection can be for work, connection with friends or even distract ourselves.

At this pandemic, the screen time of most of the youths have spike up. According to eye safe, the screen time of youths have spiked upto more than 13 hours per day.

This increment in screen time results high exposure to high energy blue light. And this energy light is concern for both child and youths.

Since schools and colleges are closed, and also with increment in “Work From Home” culture, people are spending most of the time on Laptops, Televisions and their tablet’s screen. This is for study as well as for the entertainment purpose.

What will be the effect of longer screen use for our eyes?

Prolonged use of screens can lead to following effects:

  • Blurred vision
  • Eye fatigue
  • Dry Eye
  • Headache

What should I do to protect my eyes?

An article in moorfields suggests following tips for the safety of your eyes.

  • Always set up your computer screen in correct position. Top of your screen must be with your eye level. Maintain the distance of 18-30 inches between you and your computer.
  • Slightly tilt your screen backwards. This is useful to minimize the stress on muscle of your eyes.
  • Use a glare screen.
  • Dim the light of surroundings so that you can use your screen at low light.
  • For clarity, it is a good idea to clean your screen regularly.
  • When you are looking at the screen, don’t forget to blink your eyes. Train yourself to blink more in bright light as well.

Always follow 20-20-20 approach. This approach says,

In every 20 minutes, look at an object for 20 second that is 20 feet away from you.

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