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How To Stylize App Icons And Widgets On iOS 14 Home Screen? A great new feature you don’t want to miss.

Recently update iOS 14 has many features including the way to stylize app icons and widgets on iOS 14 home screen. This feature has cherised iOS users even more. This feature basically enables users to customize widgets on home screen. Widgets have three different sizes and can be placed in homescreen wherever you like.

App developers are working continuosly inorder to bring this feature since the launch of iOS 14. And the intresting thing is that , iPhone users are really enjoying this feature with the help of widgetsmith.

Way to stylize App icons and Widgets on iOS 14 Home screen!

Stylize App Icons And Widgets On iOS

Here you will learn the way to stylize app icons and widgets on iOS 14. It will be more understandable if we divide this feature into two half. First lets learn the way to customize iOS 14 widgets and after that we will jump to app icons.

How to customize widgets on iOS 14 home screen?

Stylize App Icons And Widgets On iOS

Widgets on iOS 14 homescreen can be customized by a free app called widgetsmith which lets user to add different type of widgets on iOS 14 homescreen. By using widgetsmith, user can change the size and stylize the widgets.

This app allows widgets to show time, calendar, reminders, health, etc. We can also create the custom widgets to display photos, text, and many more.

It’s very easy to use widgetsmith. Heres how you can do it:-

  • Open the app
  • Select size of the widget
  • You can see the default widget box, tap on that
  • Select the style. You can change the font, tint colour and background colour here.
  • Go to the previous screen and tap on save.
  • Go to home screen and long-press on an empty area and tap on plus (+) button
  • Tap widgetsmith by scrolling down
  • Choose same widget and tap on add widgets
  • Tap done
  • Tap in edit widget by long-pressing the widget to change the style.

Way to stylize App icons

Way to stylize App icons

Stylize App Icons And Widgets On iOS

Not just only widget but ios 14 feature allows stylizing app icons on the home screen as well. This is the first time that iOS users have brought android level customization on the home screen. Here’s the method to stylize app icons on iOS 14 home screen:-

  1. Firstly open the shortcut app that is App store
  2. In order to create a new icon tap on + icon
  3. Tap Add action
  4. Now search for Open app and tap on action
  5. Tap choose and select which app you want to stylize
  6. You can see the menu icon i.e triple dot, tap on that
  7. Now the home screen appears, tap on the home screen
  8. Use app name as shortcut’s name
  9. Under the home screen name and icon, you can see shortcut’s icon, tap on that
  10. Select photo for the shortcut
  11. Tap on Add

In iOS 14 changing icon is a tedious job, but once you succeed on that your iPhone looks even more cool.


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