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How to Delete Duplicate Songs in iTunes? Free your device from unnecessary files

How to Delete Duplicate Songs in iTunes? Free your device from unnecessary files

If you are iTunes user and want to know how to delete duplicate songs in iTunes then don’t forget to read this article. If you listen to lots of music and download many songs outside iTune stores then your library gets jumbled sometimes with duplicate songs. In iTunes it is easy to find jumbled songs by following couple of steps.

If you are a music lover and if you own lots of music collection then there is a high chance that you have duplicates songs too. Duplicate songs also can take up your space and make your device slow. In order to maintain your device so that it can perform more faster , you must remove duplicate songs in iTunes.

How To delete duplicate Songs in iTunes?

Delete Duplicate Songs in iTunes

Before finding and deleting duplicate songs in iTunes, you m ust remember to backup your files so that it is safely stored. In iTunes if you want to use delete duplicate function then make sure to exlcude everything that is not downloaded on you device.

You can see duplicate songs in iTunes by following these simple steps:-

  • Open iTunes
  • Select Library
  • After you Select Library , tap Show duplicate items
Delete Duplicate Songs in iTunes
  • Once you find the duplicate items, select the song you want to delete and Song>Delete

Hoe to delete duplicates in iTunes automatically?

Delete Duplicate Songs in iTunes

The method shown above is the way to delete songs manually in iTunes. If you have only few songs then that method works perfectly but if you have hundreds of songs to delete then it is tiring job.

Gemini is the powerful app that finds duplicate items by scanning any folder in Mac. It not only detects the song but also any other files and gets rid of them in seconds. It is the perfect choice for videos, photos and songs.

To use this app you have to follow these steps:-

  • You have to first drop your folders into the app.
  • Then click scan for duplicates.
  • You will find duplicates there. Select them
  • After you select the items, hit Remove.

How to delete using ‘Show exact duplicates’?

If you don’t want to delete songs that aren’t really same then there is a way to do that in iTunes. It shows the tracks that are exactly identical but you need to tap an extra key. Here’s the step:-

  • Go to iTunes
  • Click on File>Library
  • After you click on File>Library select show all items.
  • click show exact duplicates by holding alt/option key and you will see Show exact duplicates.

It removes the issue where different tracks are incorrectly identified as the same.

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