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Domain for SEO Best Practices

Domain for SEO Best Practices

What is the domain? 

A domain name is a website’s online address in simple words. Domain names are used more in business, as it helps your customers know what you are selling before visiting your website. 

The domain of a site is what we refer to as a “web address”. In other words, it is a translation of an IP address, making it more memorable than a long string of numbers. Moreover, each existing domain can only be assigned to one website and so is unique. However, the term domain should not be confused with the term URL because a domain is only part of an entire URL. 

We can see many of the successful businesses don’t have descriptive domain names. For example, is a domain name but don’t tell us anything at all in detail. Instead, can be considered as a brand-heavy domain name. 

In general, a domain consists of the following components- 

domain components
Domain Components
  • Top-level domain: This is also called domain extension and can be country-specific (eg or generic (eg- .com). In addition, there are new TLDs ( e.g- .photography) for some time now which allows a more differentiated geographic classification of your website. 
  • Domain-name: It is the unique name of a website, e.g. the organization name. 
  • Subdomain: It is used for specific areas of a website that should be separated from the actual site, such as .blog. And the most common subdomain is www (World Wide Web). 

SEO Best Practices 

When you are ready to choose a domain-name, you need to consider few things in mind. 

  • Keep it brief. Generally, people remember shorter domain-names, usually a couple of words.  
  • Do not use hyphens. It is harder to remember your site with dashes in the domain name. If you use a URL without hyphens, your domain makes it easy to say and type. 
  • Make it descriptive. Pick a domain name that is descriptive. So, it becomes you to stand out in the competition. 
  • Use simple wording. It becomes harder for people if your domain-name contains words that are hard to spell. So, make it shorter 
  • Seek the opinion of a professional. A professional marketing company will give you definitely more advice on choosing the best domain-name for your business. 

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