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There’s no doubt that Google AdSense is the market leader when it comes to ad monetization. Almost every successful publisher and website owners use Google AdSense or at least starts with it. They have different sets of rules and criteria that you should be aware of when applying for Google AdSense.However what you do when you cannot use the network to monetize your traffic on the website? Have you ever thought of Google AdSense Alternatives??

Maybe you didn’t match all the criteria or violated some rules, so you didn’t get approved for AdSense.You may want it badly to load up your ad stack to increase revenues. Whatever be the reason, Google AdSense is not only the one but there are many competitors in the market. These alternatives are also good enough that provides good eCPMs and supplement ad revenue.

Here are the top 7 AdSense alternatives, know about it, and use it as your preferences.


  1. Real Content Network
  2. Trion
  4. DivisionD
  5. Infolinks
  6. Epom
  7. Brightcom


real content network google adSense alternative

Real content network can be one of Google AdSense Alternative which offers a native video and content marketplace for its publishers. Their network contains over 1 billion monthly impressions. They provide a 100 % fill rate and directly work with programmatic partners to generate better ad revenues.

Also, they offer premium video content that publishers can leverage without video content. They have given access to publishers to have full control over the ads so that they get served on their siteThis makes quality ensure and protect their brand to the publishers.


trioninteractive  google adSense alternative

Trion is especially beneficial for you if your traffics is from mobile. This network specializes in mobile traffic and monetizes the mobile-driven web.

They help the publishers to maximize the ad revenues with the ads that are user friendly, meaning that isn’t intrusive. They work with mobile apps of all ranges and tend to produce cpms that are 2 to 3 times higher than the industry average.

#3. MEDIA.NET  google adSense alternative is another best alternative for Google Adsense which has the highest paying option in the industry. This network comprises both Yahoo and Bing Search Engines.

They utilize a mix of display ads, contextual ads, and native ads to deliver unique ad experiences to their users.


division-d  google adSense alternative

Division-D uses various cross platforms ad units to help the publishers to generate ad revenues. However, it is done with little publisher maintenance and non-intrusive ads.

Through this network, you will get access to premium advertiser brands, excellent customer support, high-level traffic monetization, and new and innovative ads.

Divison-D’s team works with the ad agencies and brands to connect them as a middle man and directly target audience.



Infolinks is associated with a wide range of ad units platforms which makes it a one-stop-shop to monetize all the traffics to the publishers. Their algorithm delivers intent-driven ads to users in real-time from all around the world.

This ad network is the 3rd largest ad marketplace that consists of 240 million unique users and1.5 billion ad views per month.

#6. EPOM

epom market

The EPOM ad network offers monetization options across a wide range of devices and ad formats. This ad network helps a wide range of publishers to monetize the traffic for all platforms like websites or applications.

Premium world-famous brands use Epoms and recommend this network to advertise which means publishers get access to them. They also use algorithms like Google Adsense to maximize eCPMs to ensure a high rate of ad revenues.


brightcom media

Brightcom media is another good option instead of Google AdSense. They are all set and like committed to all the publishers need about the monetization goals. They advise the publishers on inventory decisions, content optimization, and other important processes to increase ad revenues.

This network provides publishers access to a multi-channel marketing platform ensuring brand safety. Brightcom is definitely for you if you are looking for a trusted partnership with programmatic solutions.

They also offer competitive CPMs at 100 % fill rates with a long list of ad units.


As you can see although Google Adsense is a market leader, there are many alternatives that you can try. However, what works for one publisher might not be the same for the other. Other options like Bright, Media Net could be better for another. So it’s quite difficult to say the best alternative to Google AdSense as many factors influence a website ad’s revenue. Feel free to comment down below about your best alternative to Google AdSense.

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