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Implemented Google Adsense on your website? You must read this.

Implemented Google Adsense on your website? You must read this.

When is your Publisher account intelligible for AdSense Revenue?

If you violate the guidelines of google webmasters and policies, your publisher’s account won’t be eligible to monetize and it will be through all products that depend on Google AdSense.

Program policies of Google says that any website or application which id displaying Google Ads should always provide useful information to the user. Users should also be able to navigate the website easily.

What are the examples of misguided navigation?

  1. False content that can be download
  2. Creating links to the content which is not available.
  3. Redirecting to irrelevant content
  4. Redirecting to misleading webpages on the internet
  5. Unrelated content and topic in the website.

How to place google ads on the website?
Before placing AdSense ads on your website, you need to know google ad placement policies. It includes:

Avoid accidental clicks of ads for users in your website.

For this, you must not

  • Encourage users to click google ads. This should not be done in any way.
  • Permit unnatural attention to ads in your website where google ads is implemented. Some examples include: flash and animated content showing the google ads, an arrow pointing to the ads which encourage to click ads
  • Place ads in misleading heading in your website. Also, don’t use language like:
    • Click Ads
    • Contribute by clicking
    • Support us
    • Help us etc.
  • Align images with google ads. Never confuse your user.
  • Pushing ads below the content fold or vice versa.

Also, you must follow the following ad inventory policy.

  • Never Refresh your webpage automatically if you have implemented Google Adsense
  • Don’t place ads on non-content based pages. Page can be like: Thank You, log in or error pages
  • You should not keep ads on dynamic contents. Examples of dynamic contents include live chat, auto-refreshing comments etc.
  • Never place google ads inside email content.
  • Don’t open google ads in new window

What are the Criteria for applying AdSense?

For signing up a Google AdSense account, meet the following criteria.

  • Your age must be at least 18 years old
  • You must have an active Google account. It should not be linked with AdSense account earlier.
  • You must-have website.
  • The website should meet all of Google’s Terms of Service.

To improve the chance of acceptance for Google Ads, meet the following requirements. Note, these are not rules but researchers have proved these.

  • Apply only from a website that is at least 3 months old.
  • Publish at least 30 articles on your website.
  • All the contents in articles must be unique.
  • Try to bring traffic from Google organic search if possible. There is no minimum website traffic limit.
  • Always create high-quality content on your website.
  • Make sure your website language is supported by Google Adsense for monetization.
Language supported by google adsense

Avoid following types of content in your website

  1. Content with porns or related
  2. Dangerous content
  3. Drug-Related
  4. Alcohol and Tobacco-related
  5. Hacking and cracking type content
  6. Illegal and violent
  7. Misrepresentative contents


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