Miss Tech, Women for women-Know What’s More

Miss Tech, Women for women-Know What’s More

Miss Tech is a national competition aimed to engage women in technology. This event is organized by the Robotics Association of Nepal (RAN) and some partners. It has been formed with the vision of encouraging women in the tech field.

This is a team as ‘women for women’ to address problems faced by women while using technology. Moreover, it is supported by the American Embassy in Nepal through its Girls in Tech program. However, they also provide various hardware and software workshops related to coding and computing for students of different levels. 

Lets look few years back and know what Miss Tech has contributed for our girls in the society.


1. Miss Tech 2016- Sparkle with Water  

miss tech-2016

The theme was aimed to solve water related issues through technology. 

 They focused to create water projects along with hardware startups for bringing technology to life. 

And, it was divided into two categories: 

  1. Splash 
  2. Aquathon 

From the “Splash”, the winner was ‘Sum’ and ‘MS’ secured the first-runner up position. Similarly, from the “Aquathon” the team ‘Elysian’ secured the first position and ‘Saase’ secured the first-runner up position.

2.Miss Tech 2017- Mountain Women 

Miss Tech 2017 – Robotics Association of Nepal

This theme was set with the goal of producing relevant solutions to address women’s needs living in Mountain areas. This time RAN partnered with the International Centre for Integrated Mountain Development (ICIMOD). 

It was defined into five challenge categories –  

  • Occupation
  • Migration
  • Violence
  • Social status, and
  • Information.  

Mountain Girls took first prize and NPR 50,000 for their strap-on pregnancy belt. The belt was designed to address increasing maternal mortality in the mountains. And the prototype featured a heartbeat monitor, temperature sensors, and also a Wi-Fi module.

Team Mountain Girls_Winner-Miss tech 2017

3. Miss Tech 2018- Women Changemaker

2018 – Miss Tech

Miss Tech 3.0 came with the theme ‘Women-Changemaker: Transformational Changes Through Technology’.

And, this year it will be defined into 8 challenge categories:

  • Leadership and political participation
  • Economic empowerment
  • Ending violence against women
  • Fighting against human trafficking, peace, and security
  • Humanitarian action
  • Youth
  • Governance, and national planning and
  • Sustainable development
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