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How to use Schema Markup for SEO Optimization?

How to use Schema Markup for SEO Optimization?

What is schema markup? 

What’s schema markup or markup? Well, it is something like coding that allows creating enhanced descriptions for search results. With the help of this, you can optimize your sites where search engines will read and provide informative results for searchers. 

Generally, the aim of search engines like Google is to provide readers with valuable information. For that, search engines should know what’s inside your page. And that is done by visualizing your headings, keywords, and content. 

Sometimes search engines may have a problem finding the difference between “Apple”- product or “apple”- fruit. But with the help of structured data, search engines can differentiate them. Schema markup is all about those things i.e. help search engines understand the context of those words. Moreover, it uses the class and value in order to categorize and index your page. 


If implemented correctly, it can boost your rankings and definitely improve CTR (click-through-rate). Its importance can be described below- 

  • It improves search engines’ ability to crawl your website i.e. with the help of schema, you can tell search engines what’s on your page. 
  • Similarly, it will increase your site’s visibility on search pages. Because it adds more information in your results making it more visible and engaging. 
  • Schema markup boosts your visitor’s user experience. Since the extra information allows users to make more informed decisions, and so you will get more traffic. 
Boost SEO Using Schema Markup
Boost with schema markup

Even Google uses this on your page to create rich snippets that provide users with product information or reviews and this will make them click your site. 

What’s schema markup and structured data? 

Schema markup is generally used as a synonym for structured data, but we can find few differences between them: 

  • Structured data is code within your HTML that provides explicit hints and let search engines understand page content, as well as information about the publisher’s entity. 
  • Whereas, schema markup is structured data that has a standardized set of defined values and classes. 

Schema can be said as the result of i.e. a joint effort between Google, Bing, and Yahoo. 

How to use markup SEO? 

If you are planning to add schema to your site, then Google has provided some tools to help you. However, adding this doesn’t guarantee your listing in search results. But it makes sure Google has all the information needed to determine your page. 

If you are using WordPress for your site then Yoast SEO plugin for adding schema markup for free. 


We hope that we have sorted out your few queries about schema markup. To be frank, schema markup is much easier to use than it seems. But you should Make sure to implement it correctly and validate it. However, you should give priority to other important SEO tasks. 

So, have you ever used markup? Does it help in your click-through-rates? Let us know in the comments section below. 

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