Hult Prize Challenge 2021; A global Challenge announced

Hult Prize Challenge 2021; A global Challenge announced

Hult Prize is a community of young people who are leading a generation to change the world. It has helped many students to transform themselves into agents of change. It is a great opportunity for young people to build a business that does good for humanity and the world, simultaneously generating profit. They provide the youths with an opportunity to take the learning and inspiration and put them together to solve their annual challenge.

Hult prize is all about making your inspiration come to life with education, an opportunity to compete, an opportunity to take your idea and go into market funding and scale.

“The Hult Prize has brought together some of the brightest young innovators to address the obstacles that prevent prosperity and opportunity from thriving worldwide.”

– Bill Clinton

The Hult prize challenge is an annual competition that gathers ideas from college students challenging them to solve a social issue. It is the world’s largest social impact competition. Every year it comes with new challenges. It is conducted with the partnership between Hult International Business School and the United Nations Foundation. Every year thousands of college and university students participate from 121+ countries.

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Hult Prize Challenge 2021 has been announced “FOOD FOR GOOD: TRANSFORMING FOOD INTO A VEHICLE OF CHANGE”.

Hult prize has returned to the roots of human experience ‘Food’, the most basic and fundamental resource required to fuel humanity. Food is everything for everyone. Food systems have become the machines of extraction that reduce our well being since recent decades. All the stores are filled up with cheap and addictive products which are moving massive profits to the corporations.

This year Hult Prize Challenge is asking the youths from all over the world to build viable food expertise that creates jobs, stimulate economics, reimagine supply chains, and improve outcomes for 10 million people by 2030.

Food is a necessity for survival. Hult Prize Challenge 2021 has challenged the youths to Transform food from the necessity for survival into a vehicle of change and prosperity. This is a challenge to question our existing food systems. Transforming food into a vehicle of change is all about how to create more income for those who don’t have it, how to create jobs for those who want them, and how to save our environment.

This challenge is all about food and the human experience. In order to do this, you have to know how the existing food system works and is a failure to humanity on a global scale.

This challenge is about turning the emerging crisis into opportunity. Teams from all around the world should submit their application at 10 teams will be able to attend the 5-week accelerator program where teams will be coached and evaluated. The top six teams will advance to the Global Finals where the winner will receive the US $1million in startup capital.

Ideal Candidates

  • Students from any college or university can participate in forming a team of 3-4 members.
  • You are considered a student if, at the time of application submission, you have not yet graduated. Alumni and faculty are not allowed to be official team members.
  • Individuals who are not able to form the team but are interested to participate can join the Facebook community to find other individuals who are looking out to form teams.


The registration for the Hult Prize Challenge 2021 will open from October 1, 2020, while you can fill out some basic information now. The deadline for the registration is December 17, 2020.


The registration fees for this year has been waived. All the teams should cover their travel costs themselves.

Hult Prize in Nepal

The Hult Prize started in Nepal from the Tribhuwan University (campus Director from Pulchowk campus) and Kathmandu University in 2016. This year too it will be conducted on the Pulchowk Campus by December and will also be starred online.

NxtGen is co-organizing the Hult Prize, Pulchowk OnCampus program and the campus director for the Hult Prize is Mr. Jay Kishan Panjiyar

Timeline and key events

  • September: Hult Prize Challenge 2021 announced.
  • October: Applications open from October 1, 2020.
  • December: Applications deadline December 17, 2020 (11:59 PM EST)
  • January: Regional Teams Selected (2021)
  • March: Regional semi-final rounds begin.

The Hult prize-winning team will be certified by the Hult Prize Foundation. Along with this, they will be rewarded with:

  • The winning team will be able to go directly to the Regional Summit.
  • The winning team in the Regional summit will get an opportunity to win $1 million.

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