Buy Desktop Computer In Nepal: Find The Best Computer For You

Buy Desktop Computer In Nepal: Find The Best Computer For You

Nowadays people do not buy Buy Desktop Computer instead they prefer laptops for doing daily tasks. As laptops are portable, thus they can be taken anywhere we want but in the case of desktop computers it is not portable and we need to keep it in a fixed place with plugged into a power source.

So why buy a desktop computer? Because laptops are not cheap and if you get some laptops cheap then it won’t do any extra tasks except for basic tasks. But desktops are also not cheap either but compared to laptops it costs less than laptops. Also, if you know how to assemble a computer then you can buy desktop computer elements separately and combine it later, doing this will cost cheaper.

In Nepal, various desktop computers are available with various price ranges depending on its features. So, if you need to Buy Desktop Computer in Nepal and you have no clue about it then we have created this blog to solve the problem.

Which Desktop Computer to buy?

Buy Desktop Computer feature

Before buying a Desktop computer you need to know what features your computer should have. So below are the features to keep in mind while buying a computer:

  • Type of Processor: higher the speed of the processor, the faster the computer will be able to handle tasks.
  • Hard Drive: where your computer stores all files and software programs, select according to your need
  • Random Access Memory (RAM): higher the RAM, the faster and efficiently the computer will run.
  • Dual Monitor Options: dual display makes it easier to work with multiple windows at once and stay organized
  • Display Type: proper screen size with high resolution will make it easier to perform tasks.
  • Wireless Connectivity: connection to wireless printers, scanners, and other devices designed with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Operating System: manages computer software, hardware, resources, and provides services for computer programs
  • Graphics Card: helps computer work with heavy graphics

 Now keeping these features in your mind, you can buy desktop computer you want.

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Where to Buy Desktop Computer in Nepal?

Computer Stores

Desktop Computers are easily available in computer stores. So, you can buy a desktop computer in Nepal according to your preferred price and features. We suggest you to buy from authorized dealers for better quality, the price at authorized dealers may be a bit higher than unauthorized dealers but you will get the quality product and warranty service.


You can also buy desktop computers online in Nepal. Online stores like Daraz, choicemandu, Itti, and many other online stores have desktop computers available in their stock. Also, you can sort and search your preferred computer by using the custom search option feature available in the store. Additionally, shipping service is also provided by the online stores.

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