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Classic Tech; first ISP implementing IPv6 technology in Nepal

Classic Tech; first ISP implementing IPv6 technology in Nepal

First ISP to implement IPv6 technology in Nepal

Classic Tech has been testing internet services based on IPv6 technology in Nepal since 2016 and for 3 months they are shifting users to this technology.

For now, 80% of customers of Classic Tech have already been migrated to IPv6. Due to this Classic Tech becomes the first ISP to implement IPv6 technology in Nepal.

IPv6 technology in Nepal IPv6

What is IPv6 ?

IP stands for Internet Protocol and v6 stands for version Six. It is the most recent version of IP.

What is IP ?

Internet Protocol (IP) is the set of rules on the Internet for routing and addressing packets of data across the network.

What is IPv4?

It is the fourth version of IP. It is still the most used version of IP.

IPv4 vs IPv6

– An IPv4 has a 32-bit addressing scheme
An IPv6 has a 128-bit addressing scheme

-Address representation of IPv4 is in decimal
-Address representation of IPv6 is in hexadecimal

– IPv4 Supports DHCP and Manual address configuration
– IPv6 supports Renumbering and Auto address configuration

Disadvantages of IPv4

– Limits net growth for existing users
– Hinders the use of the internet for brand new users.
– Inefficient Internet Routing
– High System Management prices
– Complex, slow & frequent to errors.
– Inefficient Security features

What are the benefits of implementing IPv6?

– Efficient Routing
– Efficient Packet Processing.
– Directed Data Flows
– Simplified Network Configuration
– Support for New Services
– Security.

What is disadvantage of IPv6?

– Conversion: usage of IPv4 is high so it will take a long period to completely shift to IPv6.

-Communication: IPv6 and IPv4 machines cannot communicate directly with each other without using intermediate technology.

What is IP address?

 The IP address is a decimal number that defines the routing information of the Internet user in the network.

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