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3 Essential Steps- How Google Search engine works?

3 Essential Steps- How Google Search engine works?

Google is a wide automated search engine used all over the world. Google search engine uses a software named web crawlers. This software crawls around to explore the web so that they can be added to the index that will be viewed to user. Based on the exploration Google adds these page in the index within specific categories. For example: if a user searches “price of dell laptop” then the Google tries to show the result which is more relevant based on the user’s location, language and device used.

Google Search engine

Google search engine includes three different steps. They include:

  1. Crawling
  2. Indexing
  3. Ranking

Moving towards the discussion of topics mentioned above.


The very first step for Google search engine includes crawling. Google uses a crawler known as GoogleBot to explore different pages and fetch contents and information . Through this process Google tries to discover any product relevant to any business and add to the catalog within it. The web crawler browses through the links from page to page and gathers the information and contents. It uses an algorithmic process to determine what to fetch from each site and which pages to visit.

These crawlers known as bots or spider downloads page to extract links and to discover more new pages. The pages discovered are stored in index which is a large database in the Google search engine. The pages known to search engine are explored and crawled time to time to check whether there are any changes made to page or not. In case any changes is encountered the page is updated as a response to the changes made.

Working of web crawling

All the search engine crawlers begins crawling by downloading robots.txt file. This file contains rules about site that needs to be crawled and does not need to be crawled.  It also contains information about the sitemaps and URLs that search engine wants crawler to explore. The web crawlers re-crawls to webpages to gather more additional links and URLs to the connected additional pages. Through this process search engine will be able to discover publicly displayed webpages which will be showed as response to the queries posted by user.

Sitemap:  Sitemaps are the blueprint of the websites that guides the web crawler of any search engine to crawl and index the content of webpages. Learn more about sitemaps here.


By the process of crawling search engine discovers the webpages. The information gathered by the crawlers needs to be sorted and organized before storing in database. The arrangement of these webpages based on the relevant content in a definite catalogs or categories is known as indexing. During indexing the search engine does not stores the entire content of webpages. It stores title and description of the pages, associated keywords, type of content and number of links that are outgoing or incoming. The incoming links refers to what pages the link to our website is being forwarded whereas outgoing links are the link to pages our website is forwarding.


Whenever a user tries to search for a query the Google search engine detects the content and pages relevant to user query from its database or index. This ordering of relevant result to the user query is known as ranking. While showing the result Google considers various conditions like user’s devices, location, language etc. We can pretend that the higher the ranking of web page the better the relevance of site to user query.

 How to improve serving of result in Google search engine?

There are many ways to improve serving of any webpages.  One of the best way to improve serving or ranking of site is to make the site mobile friendly and make the site load faster. If the page is aimed or targeted to certain user from a certain location it is better to provide preference of site to Google. By doing this the result can be served to the user faster in an efficient way.

In conclusion we can say that likewise Google other search engine also follows similar steps. Learn more about Google Search Engine.

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