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A Complete and Powerful Guide for Google Search Console (GSC) [2021]

A Complete and Powerful Guide for Google Search Console (GSC) [2021]

Google Search Console (GCS):

Google Search Console is a webmaster tools which helps to check the website statistics and index status and help in the improvement of web visibility. Don’t get confused of webmaster and Google Search Console (GCS). Previously till 2015 May 20 GCS was known with the name of Webmaster but Google had renamed after that update with the changes on the user interface.

In this article ICT BYTE, is going to covers everything one need to know all about the key and deep section of Google Search Console, as well as we also compile the problem and the possible way to fix it out. So Let’s dive into the matter toughly,

Table of Contents
Google Search Console

Overview Report

First of all, we need to go through the basic one. The first things we need to know is that what is the Overview Report in Google Search Console?

So, the overview report in Google Search Console featured three main reports as mentioned below:

  1. Performance.
  2. Coverage.
  3. Enhancements.
Google Search Console

This is shown to you because it is the first prerequisites terms we will dive in this session after a while.

URL Inspection Tool

The URL Inspection tool is the main tool of our website. In this tool you will able to see about how google views your website. More briefly, This tools let you to view about google angle of opinion to your website. In this tool you can analysis the website how google renders your site.

If you’ve published a new article or any of the content to your website then you obviously want to make your page to be crawl in. With the use of this tool you can analysis the URL and can submit to Google in order to give signal that your page and URL is ready to crawl.

It is totally like the Fetch as Google tool in the old GSC.

Guideline to Use the URL Inspection Tool

You can use this tool by adding your post’s URL to the top search bar in the Google Search Console. Check the mentioned image to be clear.

Google Search Console

Then you can see the reports of the URL as shown in the picture below:

Google Search Console

Click Here to view the list of features for this tool which was released by Google. You can be more clear and get a post regarding all the necessary features for this tool.

People often use URL Inspection Tools to get the proper details i.e hoe google is crawling to their website. t is the best way to know the opinion of google to your website. For example, we can see when google has crawled our webpage for the last time. It is more helpful in term to dissect fluctuations in the the SERPs.

Google Search Console
Additional Experiments for URL Inspection Tool
  • You can use this tool to update an old webpage.
  • If you want to launch a new section of your website then you can use this tool.
  • With the help of this tool you can introduce a new mobile design.
  • This tool has updated robots.txt file.
  • This tool has implemented rel=canonical tags.
  • You can transit from HTTP to HTTPS.


Search Results

Let’s dive into the ultimate guide of Search Results Report in Google Search Console. This tool resides under the Performance section.

Google Search Console

You can get the same metrics available in case if you have 16-months worth’s of data and additionally you wlao need to have the ability to filter results:

  • AMP pages
  • News
  • Rich results
  • Non-rich AMP results
  • Job posting

photo 006

Google Search Console

Google is always busy in the process of adding the search filters under this section. ICT BYTE, will updates you if Google add something worthy and important filters. Recently, Google also released a feature named productivity feature. This new feature can allow you to copy, open in new tab or inspect the URL when viewing the Search Result report.

Google Search Console

If your spreadsheet is filled with keywords positioning changes and traffic then the Search performance will be great. If you are with the content opportunity then you don’t have to make full spreadsheet you can just click data by country and the devices.

Reports that can be built with the Search Results Report in Google Search Console:

The 16-month worthy data is very excellent way to get the quick over view of the website. You can also get the very delightful overview of content performance in the SERPs if you have the 16-month data. Here, 16-months data means that your website aged must need to cross 16 months.

If you are tired of making spreadsheet because of the time consuming stuff then the perfect solution and our recommendation to you is that click this ( to build spreadsheet faster than you are now doing.

Here is the perfect example of a spreadsheet:
Google Search Console
Use the mentioned data to identify:
  1. Pages with low CTR
  2. The number of impressions per keyword
  3. Top-performing pages
  4. The number of clicks per keyword

For example, The mentioned data is mainly used in order to rewrite the metadata.

Quick Notes: If your any page has the low clicks and high impression, then the meta description needs to be improved. The title an the metadata is not perfectly balanced.

Google Search Console

If you are gathering the data for keywords then you can apply for the filter a query or a page filter using regular expression aka regex. For example, if your company is in the niche of Digital Marketing, you can filter by “Digital Marketing” in the queries report.

Google Search Console

Slice and dice is also be done to data filtering when you are comparing data. This results as the data can be seen side-by-side

Google Search Console

Google News

Let’s dive into the ultimate guide of Google News Report in Google Search Console. The Google News report is initially released in January 2021. You can get the Google News under the performance section. It is the tools or say one section which tracks the user behavior of Android and iOS apps and

Guideline to Use Google News Report in Google Search Console

You can get the information like impressions, clicks, and click-through rate segmented by country, devices, and date in Google News Report.

Index Reports

Index Reports can spin you in a several circles. If you are checking whether the CSS is blocker, if you are searching for the index bloat or want to remove the unnecessary URLs then Index Reports in Google Search Console can play a vital role for this. Google is too much addictive in large contents. If you provide thin contents on then you need to do battle from lowest to lowest organic traffic.

We are mentioning the situation just above because Google Index reports in GSC provides you data on how your content is performing on the Google searches.

Note: If you’re looking for the .Content Keywords section,it was removed in November 2016.


Let’s dive into the ultimate guide of the Coverage Report

Coverage on Google Search Console display all of your indexed pages in a report and additionally if your pages are not included in your sitemap.

Photo 012

Google Search Console

The errors it will provide is in the image below:

Google Search Console

Coverage report is also the Crawl Errors report because it let you to inform that which and what pages are broken on your website. Moving further, you are also desired to monitor this report to make sure there are no large increases or decreases in your indexed pages and it it better in another sense that is you can use this report to determine if there is index bloat.

With the connection of data between Google Search Console to Google Analytics, webmasters can find out if they are the unfortunate receivers of index bloat. It can also let you to see the number of landing pages receiving organic traffic in Google Analytics is matching or not in the coverage report.

If they are matching then it’s okay. If they are don’t matching then keep in mind that a small fraction of your indexed pages is receiving traffic.

Ultimate guide to find Index Bloat in Google Search Console

In order to find index bloat follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Go to the Google Search Console
  2. Then Index
  3. And then Coverage

You may see something like the image below

Google Search Console

Now, Go to Google and then perform a site:[insert website url] search

Google Search Console

Deeply go through the each and every pages of the result in order to find the pattern in the parameters of each and every page.

In case you viewed the pages are indexed but you don’t want those page to be indexed. Then go back and add the noindex tag t each and every page you want and disallow them in the robots.txt file.

Sure shot solutions to Fix Crawl Errors

In order to solve the problem you need to know their structure and etc to get the effective solution. so, let’s understand some standard crawl errors.

Standard Crawl Errors:
  • DNS (Domain Name System) error: If your server-side is suffering then this errors occurs. In order to escape from this problem you need to contact your Hosting Provider(GoDaddy, NestNepal, AGM Hosting etc.).
  • Server errors: The server errors is mainly happens when your website is hitting too much traffic than the capacity. You can see connection related warnings like timeout or so on.
  • Soft 404 errors: If your Header HTTP response code does not return a 404 code then this errors occurs. You can simply Fix this error by implementing 301 redirect if the page is dead. Or also review the page for thin or duplicate content.
  • 404 errors: One of the most common error is 404 error. It is happens with various of reasons some of them are if the page is deleted, if the page is unpublished etc and so on. This error is not blamed for the ranking of your website but this error can deeply effect your link. One or two page on 404 is not a very serious problem but if it goes more than 15 and 20 then immediately do 301 redirect.Cleaning of the crawl error after long month of page speed enhancements and keyword mapping will be the perfect solution to your website. The pros side of 301 redirect is that you can easily transform a broken link into a magical nest of the backlink unicorns.


Introduction to Sitemaps Report

The mysterious man hidden behind the green curtain is the matching phrase for the Sitemaps. It is that section in which your single rash decisions create a lots of headache. Some of it’s example are the activities and that is included things in sitemap, excluding tags to remove category can affect your website. You need to pay special attention towards the warning coming from the sitemap report.

Google Search Console

Sitemaps report in Google Search Console display the environment and the activities happening on your website. These errors seeing on the above image are the sitemap errors but more then this lot of errors can be discovered from this error report.

Ultimate guide to fix Errors in the Sitemap Report

You don’t have to afraid of the sitemap errors. The best and the powerful defense is available to solve this error. The defense is that you need to go deeper and deeper until you reach up to the root cause of the error. Then you can thoroughly fix the problem you got while doing digging.

For example, Imagine one website has more than 100,000 pages with multiple sitemaps. site admin or the concerned person done the sitemaps errors review for just 5 seconds. Hen has noticed that single one URL is being indexed compared to the 16,000 URL from the sitemap.

Then admin invested a little bit time, then he saw that only one uppercase letter in the entry from the sitemap. After fixing that the 85% of pages were indexed in just three weeks.


Introduction to Removals Tool in Google Search Console

The word Removals in GSC is one of the most complicated stuff. ICT BYTE, one again reminds you the universal truth that, if you are exercising on the thin content then you will suffer at a point due to the very thin and duplicate content.

The Removals section is sub categorized in three different title

Google Search Console

Temporary Removals

If your website consist a lot of thin content which is directly affecting to the SEO then you can temporarily hide those content temporarily in order to reconstruct the content. If you re construct the content without removing thin content then the SEO of your website will respectively diminish.

In order to hide something from the google search then you can add those URL to the Removals in GSC and continue editing and maintenance.

Google Search Console

You need a day to process to hide something in this section and those hide content will only exist for six months in the removal section. For the permanent hide you may register those URL to the robots.txt or with 404 errors.

Additionally, if you want to complete remove the page description snippet then you can also use the Removals section in Google Search Console to clear the cache URL. It can’t going to be reflect until the page crawled for the next time.

Outdated Content

Public are also one of the best contributor for the status of your website. They also can sent some removals request to the outdated content. If your content is not authentic and not providing the correct information to public then they can suggest for the update to your search result.

In this section you can view the six months old data.

SafeSearch Filtering

Under this section you are supposed to check the adult content. the main purpose of this SafeSearch is to provide the the suggesting to address the adult content.

Ultimate guide to use the Removals Section

This tool doesn’t have only quick cleanup the thin content or duplicate content but more than that it can used to spruce up URLs with multiple case-sensitive issues, as well.

Look the mentioned example below

In order to remove these pages from GSC follow the steps mentioned below
  1. You can add noindex meta tag to each page.
  2. Sure to insert the rel=canonical tag to each page.
  3. Now disallow the pages in the robots.txt file.
  4. Then submit to Remove URLs.

One things that always need to keep in mind is, this tool can be used as the secret weapon to call out of the retirement only when it is needed.


Introduction to Enhancement

Enhancement is the multi-function section in Google search console. You can assist lot of work from this section. Everyone loves when there it says that there is not a single code error on yout AMP active page. you simply needs to click on the left menu bar to gather all the information. so without delay, Let’s begin…

Core Web Vitals

Introduction to the Core Web Vitals Report

On the date of May 2020, Google has rolled out the core web vitals tool report in the Google Search Console. Simply if we go to get the main message that Core Web Vitals want to give us is that, The experience that user is getting from your website.

Google Search Console

The report of Enhancement is sub categorized in two category that is Mobile and Desktop.

Google Search Console

First input delay (FID), Cumulate Layout Shift (CLS) and Largest Contentful Paint segments the Core Web Vitals in Google Search Console. The threshold for one URL is that your pages URL need ti be liste under the “Good” mark.

Ultimate guide to use Core Web Vitals Report in Google Search Console

You need to tackle the problem of Poor URL in case you have otherwise it will case a serious problem on SEO. This is little bit more complicated to fix in comparison to other fix. You only cannot decide or grant a fix.

In order to fix this problem you need to fix the problem first, then you have to resubmit it to Google Search Console. Then your submission will be redirected to google. If the problem is solved in an useful way then google can grant the fix.

You can see the full incidence about how google is shifting its view on the user. In the collaboration with Google Core Ranking Vitals is becoming the more user centric and become the raning signal. The report you can get from her is more valuable to your website.

Mobile Usability

Introduction to Mobile Usability Report

Just before the great announcement from of moving to a mobile-first index Google has launched the Mobile Usability report in Google Search Console (GSC). Simply of we go to the concept of Mobile Usability Report then we can get that this report can gives us the opportunity to troubleshoot any design and development related issue of Mobile.

Sure shot solution to fix Mobile Usability Report Issues

What starts as well-thought web design strategy has quickly turned into an akwardly scrolling mess of a website, slow, unclickable, increase bounce rate and sending you into a whirlwind of zero leads etc and so on.

You can get a worst and irritating response when the side effect of the poorly designed on the mobile website. It can leads your website to decline into low organic traffic and with no consumer. Just imagine, do your hard work valued a lot?

Here ICT BYTE, has compiled the some of the possible common errors and the sure shot idea to solve the Mobile Usability report.

Idea to fix Mobile Usability Report

Wider Content comperision to screen: Be sure that your page don’t need a horizontal scrolling to view.

No Gaps between Clickable Elements: Be Sure that your links and buttons are far enough apart.

Not Configured Portview: Try to use the meta view-port tag. Meta view-port tag helps you to adjust the dimension based on the devices of all users.

Google Search Console

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Introduction to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Report

Accelerated Mobile Pages don’t need to describe too much because the name is suggesting it’s function. AMP is the mechanism which helps to increase the page speed.

When it turns on the AMP pages then it starts to be like a little SEO, with the benefits of mobile Search result. It has bundle of customization and many people easily learn this because it is easy-to-implement.

Some of it’s function are respectively listed down

  • It can increases the load time
  • It can boost the mobile ranking
  • It helps to improve the server performance

Google Search Console (GSC) has now the most powerful tools to track the activities and Google also has announced that it will track the images which are interacted with “Swipe to Visit” feature. In order to view this report you can go to performance section above.

AMP report in Google Search Console will be your best friend in case if you are ready and wanted to check any errors in your AMP.

You can view AMP report demo in the below given image in Google Search Console.

Google Search Console

Ultimate guide to view AMP Report

You can monitor your AMP Pages in Google Search Console Via this section. Site templating and any other implementation issue can be viewed from this section which is affecting the AMP pages. AMP Test Tool is a best option for you if you want to make any of the big and drastic changes.

If you are already using the rich result then you can see the issue listed in that section of AMP pages.

Additionally as per we’ve mentioned above you can filter the AMP result in the performance report which seems to much pretty cool. Plus Google always notifies site owners about the issue related to their AMP report.


Introduction to Breadcrumbs in Google Search Console

On September 2019, Google Search Console has introduced Breadcrumbs report to public. The main responsibility of the Breadcrumbs is that the report comes from Breadcrumb helps the site owners to fix any issue that may prevent the breadcrumbs from displaying in the SERPs. It is a game changer report to rank your website to SEO.

Additionally, Breadcrumbs can suggest the website owner to understand the ways to implement the structured data. If you want to do edit or spically add any codes to your website then it will be the milestone report but it is not directly shown in SERPs.

At this time we are very lucky to do CMS because Google has done all the other hard works for us. After adding a codes to your website follow the mentioned steps to check whether there still error not in Breadcrumbs

  1. First of all, pop into Google Search Console (GSC).
  2. Then Click on the Enhancements.
  3. Then go to Breadcrumbs to check errors.

Then the report of Breadcrumbs displays the structured data errors and as the result how many URLs are affected.

You can see the result just like mentioned in the image.

Quick Note: This will appears on the Google Search Console Dashboard.

Google Search Console

Sure Shot ways to fix Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs structured data (author, local business, organization, blog posts, etc.) you’ve used does not matter. You are provided something different in this report. Actually, Breadcrumbs structured data register the pages in order to inform Search Engines that what information need to be display to the users. In another word It is the Hierarchy within your site.

Do you know what to check in the the SERPs? If don’t know then the Breadcrumb report tells you what to check if they aren’t displaying in SERPs So, it is hierarchy.

The another most powerful function of Breadcrumb is that if Breadcrumbs is with in your website then it will connect your content to the audience and helps to grow the organic traffic.

Important Note: Even though it is not a direct ranking factor but if you fix the errors arises under this section then the user will experience the better time on your website. If audience or user feel bored or get some problem regarding this matter then be sure your website is not getting enough user or audience than your site deserve.

In order to Fix the Breadcrumbs structured data in Google Search Console (GSC) check all the errors analyze each error individually and set them all perfectly.

Rich Results

Introduction to Rich Results in Google Search Console

Are you still remembering the last time search on Google. Like you’ve searched “Recipe to make chicken roll” or scanned the Google search result for the movies times. You can get the time and place of the rich result in the SERPs. If you’ve searched for the recipe, movie, job or anything else.

SEO professionals can track the errors and performance of hard-earned rich result. The best place and the platform to exercise this is the Google Search Console. The report of rich result shows you that number of indexed and the probable and consisting critical errors.

Under the Google Search Console (GSC) the rich result reports more structured data like sitelink searchbox markup, unparsable types, and product markup.

Ultimate guide to get Rich Results to Show up in Google Search Console

Now, this is the truth that you can’t going to get the rich result for everything i.e multiple keywords. The main purpose to inform the latest sentence is that only one keyword can make the rich result. It can improve the mobile experience, GSC use the major schema data to show the content in a engaging format.

Monitoring rich snippets, AMP, Schema and App indexing is the main reports you can get on the Rich Result Report. Depending upon the types of structured markup that you are using rich result will also separates into a category.

The tech posting report allow you to markup different proprieties like cybersecurity flaws, flawsUnderCybersecurity, MajorPrecautionOnCyberSite many more and so on.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) and Question and Answer (Q&A) report is also applied there in order to check the validation of FAQ and Q&A structured data.

After creating the rich result, according to this report you can view what cards are being indexed and if there are any errors also you can use the .URL inspection tool.( . Additionally, Google Search Console (GSC) is getting error then your rich result won’t be shown in SERPs.


Introduction to Logos Report in Google Search Console

Logo report is the Logo enhancement report works after using the logo markup which is shown up the performance and errors and errors associated with that markup.

Google Search Console

Ultimate guide to fix Logo Report Issues

It looks like the Mobile Usability report. In order to understand the errors listed with clickable options Google Search Console provide this tool. The main attention taker feature of this report is that it also suggest the potential solution about how to solve the problems arises.

The sitelink searchbox markup will show the report about the perrformance and error related with that concerned markup or say sitelink searchbox markup.

Google Search Console

Similar like the above report (Logo Markup Report) it also has the same machanism. In order to understand the errors listed with clickable options Google Search Console provide this tool. The main attention taker feature of this report is that it also suggest the potential solution about how to solve the problems arises.

Security & Manual Actions

Security is the main growing issue and burning issue in the digital fiels right now. So, Google Search Console (GSC) have also implemented own Security & Manual Actions section to give the protection of the whole platform.

Manual Actions

Introduction to Manual Actions Report in Google Search Console

It is different than other mechanism you found in Google Search Console. The phrase “No issue detected” is the relief of your headache.

Google Search Console

It is the section where you receive the notification if you violate the Google guidelines. Check the image below to be more clear.

Google Search Console

Ultimate guide to remove Manual Actions in Google Search Console

Once if you received a manual action notice then understand that your talent will more polished. If you received a manual action notice then you will need to submit a reconsideration request where you have to compose tons of work. It consume more time than you are expecting right now. Mainly, reconsideration request suppose you to take an immediate actions in order to tackle the problems.

Here ICT BYTE has compiled some of the steps needs to take to recover a new client from unnatural links to the site:

  1. Create a link removal campaign in order to remove all spammy links.
  2. Recommended: Used Google spreadsheet to document the link removal work.
  3. Google wants to see how many times you emailed a website to remove the links and the steps you’re taking to monitor backlinks in the future.
  4. Submit the disavow file to Google.
  5. Write a documented letter explaining why this happened?
  6. Mention the steps you took to remove the links.
Google Search Console

Security Issues

Introduction to Security Issues Report in Google Search Console

If your site consist of malware and if your site has been hacked then this Security issue section in Google Search Console will tell the actual problem.

Ultimate guide to fix Security Issues in Google Search Console

In case if you get any security issue in Google Search Console then Google will automatically provide all the necessary information about how to fix those problems. ICT BYTE, strongly recommend you hire a developer to tackle the actual problem. because if you once take action to remove these issue then you can request Google’s team to review the site again and it takes a long time.

At this current moment let’s hope something positive to reassuring green note from Google stating, “No issues detected.”

Google Search Console

Legacy Tools & Reports

Some of the few tools under this section aka legacy tools and report which Google has not announced a replacement for yet. We cannot found any words on the street of what has happened to these reports. They may go and stay.

Look at the image below to be more clear about the matter.

Google Search Console

International Targeting

Introduction to International Targeting Report

You are going to get hreflang tags if you want your website to implement multiple language or in case if you want to target a particular country. If any errors exist on the language section then Google Search Console will identify errors in your hreflang tags under International Targeting tool.

It is not easy to implement hreflang tags.

Google Search Console

Ultimate guide to Set up Country Preferences in Google Search Console

In the case if you target a particular country, keep in mind that dont forget to review your traffic sources by country in Google Analytics before setting a country preference.

Gary Illyes from Google has twitted that you will not going to see any kind of fluctuations in the traffic, but if you are receiving the large numbers of traffic from multiple of countries then, just leave that as it is.

Steps to set up country preferences

  1. First of all go to Google Search Console
  2. Then click on International Targeting
  3. Then select country

Quick Note: You have to click on the checkbox in order to be able to choose which country you want to target.

Google Search Console

In case if we don’t set up this targeting then Google automatically determine the location of you according to the website’s domain, IP addresses, links, and information from Google My Business.


Introduction to Messages Report in Google Search Console

Sometimes we need to do talking to google then this section can do the work for you. It is like the email on the Google Serch Console (GSC). This is know as the main communication channel with google from where google gets out realtime reply.

URL Parameters

Introduction to URL Parameters Tool

There is nothing more irritation than founding the website flooded with duplicate content. Mainly, it happens in the worst time like on holiday session, on the first day of your vacation or at the same time when we are launching a new product.

Ultimate guide to quickly fix duplicate content issues

The URL Parameters tool.

URL parameters tools displays all the parameters that you found on your website. For the demonstration you can view the result like the picture shown below:

Google Search Console

Web Tools

Introduction to Web Tools Report in Google Search Console

Several reports can be shown in The Web Tools

  • You can view Ad Experience Report.
  • You are allowed to view abusive Experiences.
  • You can view Testing Tools.
  • Structured Data Testing Tool.
  • Structured Data Markup Helper.
  • Email Markup Tester.
  • Other Resources.
  • Google My Business.
  • Google Merchant Center.
  • Pagespeed Insights.
  • Custom Search.
  • Google Domains.
  • Webmaster Academy.
  • Google Ads.
  • Google Analytics.

A website which have the high quality link at every individual pages can be viewed from the Link Report. More briefly our website uses the lot of reputed links from the websites. But it is not only the case.

Whatever on the above primary paragraph but Link report on the Google Search Console literally means that the websites linked to you.

Google Search Console

We need the details of the backlinks from where the backlinks are coming from and with the ungoing Google algorithm changes to know when to disavow the backlinks must be the shortcut and tricky one idea.

  1. First of all go to Links dashboard.
  2. Then you can click “Top Linking Sites.”
  3. Then again click the arrow to export the report.
  4. Finally identify any abnormal patterns of links coming in from one day.

Quick Note: If we look for the mentioned patterns then this pattern will be the milestone to discover potential link spam issues for a negative SEO attack.

Google Search Console


Crawl Stats

Introduction to Crawl Stats Report

The red, blue and the green lines messing each other is often seen on the Crawl Stats section in Google Search Console but deep inside these data can measure the crawl rate of the website. This report section can display or tells you that how many times does google has crawled in your site and the recent crawling.

You can view the image below to be more clear under where you can find the crawl stats report.

Google Search Console

Ultimate guide to use the Crawl Stats Report

The symptom of indexing your site quickly by google is the fast crawl rate on your website. And if Google crawl your site then the search performance of the site will get optimized.

Keep in Mind: If you are seeking the spikes and the dips on the report then there may be some issue in your website.

The three reports that comes under Crawl Stats Report:
  • Total crawl requests,
  • Average response time,
  • Total download size
Google Search Console

Host status are allowed you to view if Google has any suspicious issue while crawling on your website.

Google Search Console

The Crawl requiest cards can help you to view how google crawls your website.


Introduction to Associations Page in Google Search Console

Follow the mentioned steps to get the Associations:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Click on Association

Here, Google Search Console user are allowed to connect the other services like Google Analytics and so on in this section.

Google Search Console
Ultimate guide to use Associations Page in Google Search Console

ICT BYTE, has compiled some of the Association pages that can be connected in the Google Search Console in Associations:

  • Play Console app
  • Google Ads
  • Chrome Web Store account
  • YouTube channel
  • Google Analytics
  • Actions Console project

Now, You are well known introduced to Google Search Console every part. You might really feel the importance of the knowledge of Google Search Console for SEO. This is a complete guideline of GSC. If you find any of the reports and anything is forgotten or skipped in this article then you can help us via comment.

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