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What is SEO Audit ? Complete Checklist for SEO Audit with required tools

What is SEO Audit ? Complete Checklist for SEO Audit with required tools

SEO Auditing is very essential for doing Content Marketing. SEO Auditing mainly refers to the correction of SEO errors and implementing correction to boost on the ranking on search engines. SERPs in 2021 can reflects your progress as the mirror of your keywords stuff is ugly or not.

It is hard to rank a pages or the contents on Google because at this current moment Google has more than 200 algorithm which tally your ranking factors and it will increase in the fast ratio on the upcoming days.
But Many people have the misconcept on this stuff. If Google has 200+ algorithm on ranking factor they think they also need to do more than 200 steps to ranking their contents in Google. ICT Byte tells you that you don’t need to do such embarrassing thing ever to rank.

If we talk about how google weighs your contents then you get the answer that google has Google weighs different contents with using the different factor. You can get 90% of result with just applying 10% effort.

Tools needed for the SEO audit

Before shifting into the SEO Audit you have some tools which will make the SEO Audit process more smooth. These are not compulsory but without these tools you can’t make your SEO Auditing worthy or may be you are drift in the same thing i.e what to do so be sure before get started you need to these tools.

  1. Google Page Speed Insights
  2. Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool
  3. Google Analytics
  4. Google Search Console
  5. SERP Simulator
  6. Copyscape
  7. Robotto

Some of the points that you can cover in SEO Audit.

Deciding How SEO Fits In Your Overall Marketing Strategy

Thos is the most simple but important advice to you and this is considered as the first step of SEO Audit process. It is important to you because new marketing platforms are gaining traction, and SEO/SEM is no longer the end-all-be-all of digital marketing.

Crawl Your Website

It is a second part of the process which is used to determine the ranking of your websites on Search Engines. The search engine giant google use crawler or spider to analysis the structure of concerned websites in a SEO setup and check the certain terms to determine where you will be ranked.

Tips: Google indexes and ranks java script pages in two different waves days apart.

Find Indexing Errors & Technical Problems

It has been the common problem even for 2021 also. SEO issue is the serious problem as it can play a vital role in the ranking of your websites. You need to find the Indexing Errors and technical problems arises on your website then need to work on the fixing.

Fix a Common Duplicate Content Issue in WordPress

You need to fix a duplicate content issue in the WordPress. You need to check plagarism of each type of items before uploading to WordPress. If the copied or a duplicate content detected in your website then it also hampers the health of SEO of your website so It is also one of the major process of SEO Audit.

Remove Low-Quality Content

Google has said that they don’t value the frequency of posting as the ranking factor. Rather than they can value the content which has the proper format and volume of SEO Ranking. So, In the name of making the post rich website don’t post rapidly without the clerance of SEO. Remove the poor and low quality content which helps to improve your site speed an the Site ranking also.

Robots.txt and Robots Meta Tags

Now the main and important SEO Audit is understanding about the working mechanism of Robots.txt file. The Robot.txt files main responsibility is to inform the Search engines and other web crawlers to index the page of site in ranking so that the audience or people search for them can easily found out the result. Additional benefits of robots.txt file is that it can decide the section of the site to stop crawl .

Check Speed & Mobile Page Issues

In the process of SEO Audit, The mobile page issue is easy to detect and it is also one of the important factor which impact on your bottom line. Mobile page issue can directly affects the official Ranking of your website.

Get Rid of Structured Data Errors

There is a wide range of pages which could beneficial in term of SEO of page from the inclusion of structured data. These include but are certainly not limited to things like product or service information or description pages, pages that outline an upcoming event that you’re going to be participating in, product or service reviews and many more.

Test and Rewrite Your Meta Descriptions

Test and rewriting the meta description on your website is the vital things in the SEO Audit. Site meta description is the things which display the information of your website on the search engines.

Analyze Keywords & Organic Traffic

There are lot of websites which can get the traffic from the minor keywords but long tail searches measured 70% of all search done on the web. Rest of the searches are 3 words or even more than longer.

Learn From Your Competition

The top 1 billion search terms are only makes up 35.7% of total searches. When the other 99 billion+ terms make up the brunt of searches, there are too many to find with normal keyword research and ideation.

Check & Improve Content and On-Page SEO

In the process of SEO Audit, On-page SEO can deliver the real and productive result in a very short time. You can get the result in less investment so be concerned about the improvement of On-Page SEO and in a content.

We hope these guidelines help you to know What is SEO Audit ? Complete Checklist for SEO Audit with required tools. Here’s how to do it. If any queries arise regarding this topic then ICT BYTE recommend you to comment below. Here, we are always active to help you so don’t hesitate to share your doubt.

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