7 Free SEO Extensions for better Search Engine Optimization in Google Chrome

Free SEO Extensions in Google Chrome

In order run the successful website it is very essential to have a good SEO Search Engine Optimization strategy. As we all know the SEO Extensions in Google Chrome will be really a helpful strategy must need to implement in order to grab a success in the field of Digital world. SEO has the primary focus to rank the website to make visible in the different search engines with the help of targeted keywords. You need a perfect marketing strategy to get the organic traffic from SEO so, In this article we are going to covers some of the best and Free SEO Extensions in Google Chrome.

Free SEO Extensions in Google Chrome:

There are thousands of extensions in Google Chrome which have the different responsibility and different function of working. According to the extensions in Google Chrome some gives you the data of link while some gives you the data of keywords or just give you overall better optimization suggestions. If you pay for each extension then it will be hard for you to do your business in case you have the small business. Don’t worry you don’t have to invest a single bucks for the below mentioned Free SEO Extensions in Google Chrome

SEOquake – A Versatile SEO extension

SEOquake is one of the advance and free SEO extension which provides key metrics to help you to optimize the webpages for google. SEOquake extension consists of various tools for your website to bring improvement on the Google Search rsnking. In this extension there are SEO bar, SERP overlay, SEO checker tool, keyword density report, keyword ppc, internal/external link analysis, and even social metrics included.

SEO Analysis & Website Review by WooRank is another most advance, popular and Free SEO Extensions in Google Chrome which plays vital role in the website ranking and deliver a best business marketing performace. This crome extension helps you to do analysis of your domain’s on and off-site data to give you a complete understanding of your website’s optimization. If you want to view which technology is using your competitors on their website then you can also scan for that also.

Checkbot – Get Ratings Based On Your SEO Data

Checkbot is powerful and Free SEO Extensions in Google Chrome which let you to scan multiples of pages upto hundreds and more at a once. This extension provides you upto fifty plus SEO pratices which helps to boost up your site security and speed. It also helps to findout the potential problems on the site to optimize your site for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar – Ahrefs All-in-One SEO Extension

Ahrefs SEO toolbar is the Free SEO Extensions in Google Chrome which consist all in one SEO toolbar. It can help you to optimize SEO by providing the SEO matrics. If you want the on page SEO reports of browsed page then it will do the work for you.

Meta SEO Inspector – A Powerful Web Page Data Checker

Meta SEO Inspector is another Free SEO Extensions in Google Chrome which allows the users to check all the meta data of the webpages. It is used to inspect and reveal the property of the webpages which are not usually visible by browsing. In just a click of button you immediately can grab the information of metadata of a webpage link at your fingertips.

Webrank is also considered as a Free SEO Extensions in Google Chrome which is power tool and also easy to use. It can particularly analyse your website and and also have the capability to findout the major competitors of your website. We are thankfull to google for provinging this type of statistics comparable platform which allows us to view the competitiors infomation in just one click.

Keyword Surfer – Keyword Search Extension

Keyword surfer is also another best and Free SEO Extensions in Google Chrome which allows us to get the search volumes of the keywords directly from google search result. This functionality is one of the better programs for the keywords research. Experts has also claimed that this is the best ad powerful tool in the feild of keyword research.

We hope these guidelines help you to know Free SEO Extensions in Google Chrome. Here’s how to do it. If any queries arise regarding this topic then ICT BYTE recommend you to comment below. Here, we are always active to help you so don’t hesitate to share your doubt.

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