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10 Free Keyword Research Tools that you need for content marketing and SEO

10 Free Keyword Research Tools that you need for content marketing and SEO

Keyword Research

Keyword research is the process to connect with the search of the users under own micro niche contents. It is a great marketing strategy to do off-page-SEO and on-page-SEO. Many experts in keyword researching has found a same intention towards the mechanism components of key research as they can determine the keywords in Popularity, difficulty and search intent. If you are able to address the keywords correctly, then you can acle to catch the voice raised by your targated audiences.

Keyword Research Tool

The tools which connects the Audience to Content creator is known as Keyword Research tool. The content creator use keyword research tools to get the statistics of the searches. Keyword Research tools is benificial for both parties i.e Audience and content creator. Content creator can address the desire searches of and the audience are benifited by getting the result. Which helps to grow to digital marketing.

List of Keyword Reseach Tools


Keyword Research
  • It can provide the data on Keyword volume, CPC & competition.
  • You can view search volume, CPC, competition & 12 month trend data on your favourite websites.
  • You can import all your keywords & download all the data in Excel, CSV or PDF.

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Keyword Research
  • It helps to findout keywords.
  • It can do alphabet soup automatically.
  • It can track site ranking
  • It can analyze the search engine results page and explore your niche’s opportunities. Jaaxy falls a bit behind other keyword research tools.

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Google Search Console

Keyword Research
  • GSC onfirm that Google can find and crawl your site.
  • It helps you to fix indexing problems and request re-indexing of new or updated content.
  • You can easily view Google Search traffic data for your site: how often your site appears in Google Search.

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Ahrefs Keywords Explorer

Keyword Research
  • Ahrefs Keywords Explorer suggest you thousands of Keyword Suggestions.
  • Ahrefs Keywords Explorer is supportive on 171 countries.
  • Ahrefs Keywords Explorer works on 10 Different Search Engines.
  • It has Accurate Search Volumes.
  • It has Keyword Difficulty Score.
  • The mechanism of Ahrefs Keywords Explorer is Clicks Metric.
  • You can easily view the Parent Topic for your target keyword.
  • Ahrefs Keywords Explorer provides you advanced SEO Metrics.

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Keyword Research
  • You can do Keyword Filters by adding/removing filters manually after the keyword search.
  • It can do SERPs Analysis.
  • It helps you to do Keyword Spying.
  • It can track your websites and webpages Rank.
  • It can analysis the Keyword.
  • SECockpit also help you to do backlinks Analysis.

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Google Keyword Planner

Keyword Research
  • You can find the Grouped keywords under the grouped ideas menu options
  • You can get the monthly search details by hovering on teh “Avg”.
  • You can get existing campaigns.
  • You also get new Competition column.
  • It can suggest you daily budget.

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Keyword Research
  • This tool provide you 100% accurate Google search volume.
  • It is currently localized to 192 countries, 47,035 individual locations and 46 languages.
  • You can get 100% accurate Bing search volume data.
  • You can get Accurate estimated search volume for YouTube, Amazon and eBay keywords.
  • You can get the level of competition on Google Ads.

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Moz Keyword Explorer

Keyword Research
  • You can analyze keywords by search volume.
  • It can auto generates keyword lists and saves.
  • You can export your data.
  • You canind keywords in question format.
  • It can sort by predictive keyword metrics.
  • You can review your SERP details by keyword.
  • You can also check Keyword Difficulty.

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Keyword Research
  • Google Trends can be used for comparative keyword research.
  • It helps you to discover event-triggered spikes in keyword search volume.
  • Google Trends helps you to find keyword-related data including search volume index and geographical information about search engine users.

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Keyword Research
  • You can get high-volume of long-tail keywords.
  • It is localized in 16 languages and 142 geo databases.

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We hope these guidelines help you to know 10 Free Keyword Research Tools that you need for content marketing and SEO. Here’s how to do it. If any queries arise regarding this topic then ICT BYTE recommend you to comment below. Here, we are always active to help you so don’t hesitate to share your doubt.

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