Job Correspondence

Understanding Employer’s Approach to the Employment Process

1. Looking for someone inside the organization

2. Relying on contacts and personal recommendations

3. Hiring an employment agency or search firm

4. Reviewing unsolicited resumes ( resumes sent voluntarily)

5. Soliciting resumes through advertising ( inviting resumes through advertising)

In fact, according to some estimates, up to 80 percent of all job openings are never advertised, a phenomenon known as the hidden job market.

  • Headhunters: recruiters who specialize in finding experienced executives and professionals for specific job openings. Employers also recruit candidates through employment agencies , state employment services, and headhunters.

Organizing Your Approach to the Employment Process/How to Find Job Openings

  1. Visit your college or university job placement center
  2. Talk to your instructor
  3. Network with friends or past employers
  4. Check your professional affiliations and publications
  5. Read the want ads
  6. Research the Internet :  “95 percent of jobs will be listed on the Internet.”

Importance of Networking( developing professional and social contacts)

  • Many job opportunities are never advertised to the public.
  • It allows you to learn information about employers and hiring managers that is no available to the general public.
  • Your network contacts can often endorse your qualifications to a potential employer, giving you an advantage over other applicants.
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