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Constructing Resumes | Components of Resumes | Types of Resumes with Examples

Constructing Resumes | Components of Resumes | Types of Resumes with Examples

Constructing Resumes

Criteria /components of Resumes

Whatever type of resume you write , include the following:

  • Identification
  • Career objectives
  • Education
  • Professional skills ( Functional resume)
  • Work Experience
  • References (not mandatory)
  • Identification:
    • Your name , centered in all caps
    • Your address. Centered two spaces beneath your name 
  • Career objective( It is just like a subject line in a memo or report) 
    • clear objective
    • Example: An entry-level position as a computer programmer
  • Education:
    •   Degree. If you have not received your degree, you can write “ Degree expected in 2022.”
    •   Area of specialization
    •    School attended
    •    Location.
    •    Year of graduation
  • Professional skills
    •    Procedures you can perform
    •    Special accomplishments and awards
    •    Training you have provided
    •   New techniques you have provided
    •   Numbers of people and types of people you have managed
    •   Publications
  • Work experience:
    •    Your job title
    •    The name of the company
    •    The location of this company
    •    The time period during which you worked at this job
    •    Your job duties and responsibilities
  • References:
    • Available upon request
    • ( Names, titles, addresses, and phone numbers)

Types of Resumes

1. The Chronological Resume:

  • Write a reverse chronological resume if you
  • are a traditional job applicant( recent high school or college graduate, age 18 to 25)
  • Hope to enter the profession in which you have received college training or certification
  • Have made steady progress in one profession
  • Plan to stay in your present profession

2. Functional resume:

  • Write a functional resume if you
  • are a nontraditional job applicant( returning to the work force after a lengthy absence, older, not recent high school or college graduate)
  • Plan to enter a profession in which you have not received formal college training or certification
  • Have changed jobs frequently
  • Plan to enter a new profession

3. The Combination Resume:

  • It blends the best part of chronological and functional resume. It tends to be longer than chronological resume. It can be lengthy due to so many accomplishments and skills. 

Common problems in resume and quick suggestions for overcoming them

1. Frequent job changes

2. gaps in work history

3. Inexperience

4. Over-qualification

5. Long-term employment with one company

6. Job termination

Chronological Resume Example


787 Rainbow Avenue

Boston, MA 12987

Tel 33 12345678

OBJECTIVE:  To obtain an entry-level management position within an

                      an international hospitality organization

EDUCATION:  Masters in Business Administration (M.B.A.), 2006-                                            2008 Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, Arizona,                                         USA

                       B.A. in International Hospitality, 2002-2006

University of Auckland, New Zealand

EXPERIENCE:  Travel Agent, Sep. 2006—present

References Available on request

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