Why Steve Jobs was much richer than Wozniak? They founded Apple together.

Why Steve Jobs was much richer than Wozniak? They founded Apple together.

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple, the tech giant of the current market on 1st April 1976. Both founded Apple together but Do you know Jobs was much richer than Wozniak? In this article, we have discussed this topic to make you clear about ‘Why Jobs was much richer than Wozniak’.

Jobs was much richer than Wozniak: Reason

Jobs was much richer than Wozniak

Steve Wozniak is an inventor. He could output very interesting stuff and his main focus was doing invention. But on the Other hand, Steve Jobs was an entrepreneur. He generated ideas and added them to the inventions in such a way that he could sell them to the market. So Jobs main focus was marketing.

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Suppose you can make clay pots. You think of starting a clay pot business, then start selling them but your reach won’t be enough to get your business up to the mark. But if you hire a business person who has a large reach and has a proper idea of the market then your sales will increase rapidly as the business person can get the proper value of your product and can get the right amount for it.

So inventors are good at making products while the business person is good at making money. Thus this is the same case with Jobs and Wozniak, Wozniak created Apple products and Jobs was the man who sold it in the market by finding its right value and getting the proper amount for it. So, This is the reason Jobs was richer than Wozniak.

Jobs was much richer than Wozniak

Both inventors and entrepreneurs rely on each other. In order to place their product in the market inventors should have the help of entrepreneurs and in the case of entrepreneur vice-versa. Jobs could never have created Apple without Wozniak’s products and Wozniak’s Apple products could have never been this dominant without Jobs.

Jobs Succeeded in his area and Wozniak in his area but the bitter truth is we compare success on the basis of money.

Other reasons:

  • Wozniak left the company for a brief time due to his plan accident.
  • Wozniak’s divorces (married 4 times)

When was Apple founded?

Apple was founded in 1976 by Steve Wozniak, Ronald Wayne, and Steve Jobs.

What is Steve Wozniak worth?

Wozniak’s worth is around 120 million.

What is Steve Jobs worth?

Steve Jobs worth was around $10.2 billion at the time of his death

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