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Apple says sorry to WordPress. Why?

Apple says sorry to WordPress. Why?

Apple says sorry to WordPress. why?

WordPress was not pleased with Apple because the tech giant forced WordPress to monetize its a free app. Apple would only allow the update in the app if WordPress provided the in-app payment details. Apple forced WordPress to monetized its free app forcing it to sell premium plans and custom domain names so, that Apple could get it’s 30% cut.

Now the tech giant has claimed that it has resolved the issue with WordPress and WordPress continues to be a free app. Apple says sorry to WordPress by releasing a statement.

Apple’s Statement

Apple says sorry to WordPress apple logo

“The issue with WordPress has been solved. Since the service payment options which were displayed from the app were removed by the developer. Now it’s a free app so it does not have to offer any type of in-app purchases. We have contacted and apologized to the concern developer for the issue that was caused.”

This quick response and sudden fix even surprised the WordPress CEO.

Apple says sorry to WordPress

Is WordPress Free?

Yes, it is free to use. But you have to pay for hosting, custom, domains, themes, and plugins.

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