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Google still abuses its search monopoly in the EU — regulators wake up!

Google still abuses its search monopoly in the EU — regulators wake up!

Google Auction:

Recently, Google has published the result of the auction that is pay-for-play. This wide system is the main strategy for searching the alternative search engines. Google’s ultimate mission for this auction is that they are doing exercise for android users to choose one of the three search engines as they set up a new device.The plus point is that Google will also present as the hidden search engines and whenever the user wants they can select google as main search engine.

Google can’t remove the popular and purpose-driven search engines from the rankings. Though the auction has held in a great way but the vision of google to bring the new search engines to competition is not possible in this current moment. They don’t pay-for-play to the regulators and competitors. The latest winners were mainly presented in the behave of profit-hungry search engines. some of the winners are mentioned below:

These winners are being the crowded out purpose-driven operators.
Ecosia, DuckDuckGo, Qwant,Lilo etc are some of the examples of purpose driven search engines but these all search engines will have next to no visibility on Android OS in this pay-to-play system. The beneficial point of this action is that Google have recognize some most potential search engines. though they are not bearing the responsibility of android but this is worthy cross examination for originating the real winners via cross examination.

The earning mechanism of has little bit dependency upon google because they earn by buying the ads of the google and redirect the searchers to their own engine. will going to pay google as the auction format from where google will makes money.
The most interesting topics over this incidence is that is not trying to expand the the dominance of google in the search engine.

As all topics have pros and cons here is also the same thing which the experts have claimed. All the blames of choice-screen are credited to the Global Pandemic but deep down it is not even the exact stuff. If there was a more balanced result of auction real choice wouldn’t be there as a consumer’s choice because Google already decided that they will implement so-called choice-screen only on the new devices. If the new phone’s with this feature takes place then no benefits and desire have been got by the old android users. so how can we say that it will be the best option for the whole android platform users?
Yes, we all know that almost all industry including smartphone manufacturing company also got affected by the coronavirus but it doesn’t mean that it was the ultimate reason for not getting the proper desire of users to Google.

Delays provides the opportunity to make production line more enough strong. In this pandemic many android phones are been stocked even from April 2020 live of choice screen.
The main key for the regulators for this time is realizing that barely anyone can currently updated about the choice screen. Now regulators have to wake up and adapt their innovative regulation accordingly.

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