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Twitter reportedly discussed buying social audio app Clubhouse for $4 billion

Twitter reportedly discussed buying social audio app Clubhouse for $4 billion

Twitter Situation:

Twitter is now in a critical situation when a competitor to the hot social audio app Clubhouse began to get more popular social media in a short period of time. So twitter make a strategy to acquiring the company where discussed is going on. Bloomberg has reported that “Twitter held discussions with Clubhouse about purchasing the app for around $4 billion”.

Current discission:

The conversations have reportedly stopped in a doubtful way and released the stuff in very unclear way. Even the Twitter and clubhouse are searching a speaker to speak about the platform’s feeling in the competition in the social audio space and Bloomberg also reported yesterday that The Clubhouse is also trying to find a possibility to raise money at $4 billion valuation but that is now output in real numbers that the discussion done plus Clubhouse is also shopping that figure around.

About ClubHouse:

Clubhouse launched on April 2020 and make the concept of hosting live audio conversations popular. The well-known celebrities, tech CEOs, and regular folks have since it was tuned in and hosted the rooms. It is currently available for iOS-only but the download is more than 10 million which is a expected milestone for the app.

Challenges for Social Media:

The clubhouse app also need to faces a lots of competitors in social media sector including Facebook, Twitter, Discord, LinkedIn, and Slack, among others and so on. The other platforms of social media mainly deals as built-in user bases for millions of people, as well as fully built web, iOS, and Android apps. Still, Clubhouse is rapidly trying to innovating in a grand way.

The clubhouse app was staffed up recently and hired an engineer to build its Android app but Twitter is already launched on both iOS and Android. The company has also planned to launch a online internet web version and to open hosting to all platform users this month. Why Twitter would want to acquire Clubhouse? The line doesn’t make sense anymore, unless it simply wanted to wipe the competition to dedicated user and make a perfect base and also widely used name. whatever mentioned but, Clubhouse and Twitter are in total competition and now will both continue to face each other in the journey to dominate social audio.


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