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7 Nepali Apps You Must Have in Your Phone in 2020

7 Nepali Apps You Must Have in Your Phone in 2020

“Top 7 Nepali Apps you must have”

Mobile phones have really become an important part of our life. Along with a growing number of smartphone users, Nepal is growing digitally.

In this race of growing mobile users and Internet users, Nepali people have created their own space in Android development.

There are numerous apps designed to aid our needs. Our life has become very easy due to smartphone applications. Apps have become a necessity in every household.

We start our morning with the Alarm app and end with the Good night notes on our phones.
It’s has become like a part of us.

So, it’s very important that you keep updated with the latest apps and technology which is most helpful in your daily life.

Here is a list of 7 Nepali Apps you must have on your phone.

7 Nepali Apps You Must Have in Your Phone

  1. Hamro Patro
  2. Khalti
  3. Hamro Nepali Keyboard
  4. e-Sewa
  5. Daraz
  6. Tootle
  7. Foodmario

Hamro Patro

Hamro Patro

Hamro Patro is a topmost application you must have on your phone.

Its more than a Nepali Calendar which includes features like latest news, exam routines, foreign exchange rates, events, polls, date converter and much more.

Hamro Patro also includes builtin features like Hamro Radio, Hamro Audio, and Hamro Videos which gives you a complete package of features in a single app.

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Khalti is a digital mobile wallet owned by Sparrow Pay Ltd.

It has gained popularity in just 3 years of time due to its great User Interface. Khalti has gained popularity for its wide services and it is among top e-wallets right now.

It provides payment facilities like online Utility bill payment facility, Top up your mobile, payment for food services, online shopping and so on.
You must have this application to pay your bills online easily with lots of cashback and offers.

This app is really easy to use. They have a good quality of support channels and youtube videos to use the application.

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Hamro Nepali Keyboard

7 Nepali Apps you must

Hamro Nepali keyboard as a name suggests is an application that provides a text keyboard in Nepali.

It’s another product from Hamro Patro Team.
If you want to type messages and notes its really a useful application. It also comes with lots of emojis and numeric keypad.

Generally, this application is a must for Nepali to make conversations in Nepali.

Usually, it’s also useful for those who are weak to read the English vocabulary. Mostly our parents prefer this application.



e-Sewa is the most popular digital wallet in Nepal. Due to its advertisements all over you must have heard about if before.

e-Sewa has actually made Nepali understand the value of online services.(Huge shoutout to eSewa FonePay Pvt Ltd) for making this essential application in Nepal.

This application provides you digital payment services like utility bill payment, college and school fee payment, booking airline tickets, online money transactions for banks, transferring money and much more.

With just a few clicks away it had made everyone’s life easier.

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Daraz is the biggest online shopping application in Nepal. YOu can find everything here at the best available prices.


You can shop for all your products from your home in just a few clicks away.

From branded clothes, kitchenware, and other accessories, everything is available in Daraz.You can find lots of options here from quality to price as affordable as you can.

It has a great support channel and user experience also provides refund services to users. So you can trust their service and will be satisfied with Daraz.

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Tootle is a Nepali Ride-sharing application for two-wheelers. It is providing a service for users to find a ride near their locations to reach their destination. They charge you affordable prices and great quality of service.

It’s really important apps as you know we have to face lots of traffics and pollution due to public vehicles.

Due to these traffic jams, we cannot reach to our destinations easily on time.

To help you from this hassle Tootle is a must-have application. Just few clicks and a faster and less costly ride.

You can even become a tootle rider yourself and earn money from the application. So, its a win-win situation for both the rider and users.



We are very busy these days in our corporate world. No time to cook hygienic homemade foods.

Don’t worry FoodMario provides you just what you want, the homemade Hygenic foods from different home cooks and experts.

Food Mario is an online food delivery service that connects with home chefs with their best products and customers all over the Kathmandu valley.

You just need to log in to their app and order your desired foods and pay online.
They have the quality of service to your doorsteps in very limited time.

If you are also a chef then you can download the Foodmario cook version app and earn some part-time money.

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