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Nepal Telecom Extended Stay Connected Offer

Nepal Telecom Extended Stay Connected Offer

“Nepal Telecom Offer extended upto 14th June”

On 16th of Chaitra Government of Nepal suggested the Telecom companies provide 25 % discounts on their regular Data packs.

As per the order, Nepal Telecom has decided to provide 30 % off on GSM Mobile data packs and 27 % off for CDMA data pack services for regular Pay as you Go service.

This offers is extended upto 14th June.

According to this, the tax included for GSM services and CDMA services is 10 paisa and 51 paisa respectively.

Nepal Telecom Stay Connected Offer

Data packs offer

  • Get 4 GB Data @ Rs.100; 1 GB + 3 GB (4G Bonus); valid for 5 days.
  • Get 10 GB Data @ Rs.200; 2 GB + 8 GB (4G Bonus); valid for 7 days.

Voice packs offer

  • Get 60 min. Voice @ Rs.25 only; 40 min. + 20 min. (50% Bonus); valid for 1 day.
  • Get 285 min. Voice @ Rs.100 only; 190 min. + 95 min. (50% Bonus); valid for 7 days.

Offer extended upto 14th June.

For subscription, dial *1415*10# or visit

Also, you can buy packs from Nepal Telecom App or you can Recharge online using digital wallets.

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