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Hamro Patro Review: Must Have Application in Your Mobile



hamropatro main page

‘Hamro Patro, all in one comprehensive mobile application.’

Name itself describes it, as a Patro that means Calendar in English. It was popular as a first Nepali calendar mobile application but now it has become more than a calendar.

There are so many features in this application like Nepali festivals update, cultural events, an update of the world and local news, daily horoscopes, podcasts, blogs, FM radio, date converter, reviews, forex rates, tali wa gail,hamro jyotish, and many more.

Let’s see some of its main features:

Main Feature of Hamro Patro

  • Nepali Calendar (In BS) with important dates and events.
  • Top trending videos i.e Entertainment, news,Sports,etc.
  • Foreign exchange currency rate.
  • Gold price and share market.
  • Hamro games(Popular, Hot, New, and Memory games).
  • App widgets like date converter and currency converter.
  • Hamro Jyotish, Hamro audio, Hamro video, Tali Wa Gali, and Taja Khabar section in the front UI.
  • Nepali dictionary, Hamro Keyboard, Hamro magazine, the additional app widgets from the Hamro Patro team.

hamro patro other apps

Some of the new features had been added such as :

  • Nepali festivals E-Cards.
  • Compatibility matching based on zodiac sign.
  • Vote for Tali wa Gali
  • Online live audio/video call with Nepali Astrologers(Online Jyotish)
  • A New Dark theme has been introduced which made the app more attractive.

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Hamro Patro Language and Platform

This Patro is available in Android, iOS, as a chrome extension and
web application.

It is available in multiple languages i.e. Nepali, Nepal Bhasa, Bhojpuri, Maithili, and English.

It has become very successful to grab the attention of all kinds of users by providing the trustful and informational content understanding the requirements of users.

It has become everyone’s favorite lifestyle application with over a million downloads on play store.

Hamro Patro Tali Wa Gali

Tali Wa Gali is a poll/Vote section in Hamro Patro by popular Tv Presentor Ravi Lamichhane.

tali wa gali hamro patro

Different recent topics or discussions are made here as a poll about the country’s issues and thoughts.

Topics are based on the main subject matters presented in the News24 Channel. People daily visit Hamro Patro to vote for their opinions and see which points are more powerful.

Do you also want to vote and be a part of Janata ko Opinion? Vote here.

Hamro Jyotish in Hamro Patro

hamro jyotish in Hamro Patro

Image Credit: Hamro Patro

Hamro Jyotish is an online service in the Hamro Patro application where you can contact different astrologers.

There are so many astrologers with whom you can contact and get help. You can even video call through this service to contact Jyotish.

Make an Online Jyotish Call

Our Thoughts on Hamro Patro

Personally speaking, I use the application daily for multiple purposes. Starting the day with horoscope and the latest daily news, I end my day with a personal note for tomorrow’s reminder.

It has become my favorite and all-time use application.

It’s actually all in one application that had multi-purpose. It’s useful whenever I need to see the events, I do not have to search for the calendars for the Nepali dates. I can see the currency exchange rate frequently and all the price changes in the vegetable market.

But I don’t trust the rates of vegetables blindly here, It’s not exact with the market price. It’s okay to see for the reference. Also, I get irritated sometimes with lots of Ads in the application.

I really like the User-friendly interface and managed section on the left side. All the lists are very clear and easy to use.

The notification bar is also very catchy with the proper and concise date. Red bright color notification bar which keeps users notified about various events.

Besides informational content, Hamro games are also one of my favorite sections as a game lover.

New feature Online Hamro Jyotish and Kundali matching seems quite helpful for users. I hadn’t tried yet.

Other additional Apps from the Hamro Patro team are also added as a widget on the left side of the application that includes Hamro Keyboard, Ludo game, Hamro Magazine, Hamro Cards, Hamro Dictionary. They had added more value to the application.

Huge shoutout to Android developers of Hamro Patro for taking the application to a wide scope and adding more and more features that are necessary for our daily life.

If you haven’t downloaded this app yet, Download it immediately from play stores.

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