Nepali Patro Review: Get updated with Nepali festivals and Traditions

Nepali Patro Review: Get updated with Nepali festivals and Traditions

As a name suggests, Nepali Patro is a Nepali calendar application. It basically serves as a calendar. But there are additional features and functionalities in the application.

Nepali Patro is customized as per the need of users. It offers features like a date converter, Horoscope, Foreign Exchange section, Suva sahit, and a news section.

Some of the features:

nepali patro horoscope news


Nepali Patro provides the Nepali calendar which is associated with today’s date, event, tithi mithi and all. It also provides the upcoming events with the days count. It reminds us to celebrate the festival.


Nepali Patro contains a Horoscope (Rashifal section).Here you can view your daily, weekly and monthly horoscope.

News and Exchange rate

This app also provides you with recent news sourced from various news portals. There’s bookmark feature as well so that we can save the important news. It keeps you updated with the foreign currency exchange rates.

Nepali Patro is available in Android, IOS, MAC, Windows, Firefox, and Google Chrome.

Our opinion

I currently installed a 5.0.5 version on my Android phone. I found it less featured app incomparison to Hamro Patro.

But as a name suggests it is more focused on the Nepali calendar. It provides the Nepali date in a detailed form.Its great how they mentioned the date counts for the events.

As soon as we open the app it is very clear.The lower section division for the main features is also simple and clear.

The sticky note Notification for the Nepali date is informative.

Suva sahit part of the application is the heart of the application. Usually, I open the application for this.

More to this there is News section in the application . There is an audio feature for users who cannot read the content.

The stories are properly categorized and the stories that have already been read is shuffled.

There’s a Nepali Patro blog where we can read about the importance and history of the festivals.

I really liked this part where we can read about how festivals are celebrated and why it was originated.

Advertisements makes the bad user experience here. The frequent popup of the advertisements is so annoying.


At last, this application is a complete digital Patro providing extra more features to the Nepali dates and Calendars. The application seems to get better with each update. Congratulations to the team.

I personally recommend the users to have this application on their phones to keep updates about our Nepali tithi and mitis, with the events and festivals. Keep saving our Nepali traditions and cultures.

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