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Nepali Patro Review: Get updated with Nepali festivals and Traditions



Nepali Patro

As a name suggests, Nepali Patro is a Nepali calendar application. It basically serves as a calendar. But there are additional features and functionalities in the application.

Nepali Patro is customized as per the need of users. It offers features like a date converter, Horoscope, Foreign Exchange section, Suva sahit, and a news section.

Some of the features:

nepali patro horoscope news


Nepali Patro provides the Nepali calendar which is associated with today’s date, event, tithi mithi and all. It also provides the upcoming events with the days count. It reminds us to celebrate the festival.


Nepali Patro contains a Horoscope (Rashifal section).Here you can view your daily, weekly and monthly horoscope.

News and Exchange rate

This app also provides you with recent news sourced from various news portals. There’s bookmark feature as well so that we can save the important news. It keeps you updated with the foreign currency exchange rates.

Nepali Patro is available in Android, IOS, MAC, Windows, Firefox, and Google Chrome.

Our opinion

I currently installed a 5.0.5 version on my Android phone. I found it less featured app incomparison to Hamro Patro.

But as a name suggests it is more focused on the Nepali calendar. It provides the Nepali date in a detailed form.Its great how they mentioned the date counts for the events.

As soon as we open the app it is very clear.The lower section division for the main features is also simple and clear.

The sticky note Notification for the Nepali date is informative.

Suva sahit part of the application is the heart of the application. Usually, I open the application for this.

More to this there is News section in the application . There is an audio feature for users who cannot read the content.

The stories are properly categorized and the stories that have already been read is shuffled.

There’s a Nepali Patro blog where we can read about the importance and history of the festivals.

I really liked this part where we can read about how festivals are celebrated and why it was originated.

Advertisements makes the bad user experience here. The frequent popup of the advertisements is so annoying.


At last, this application is a complete digital Patro providing extra more features to the Nepali dates and Calendars. The application seems to get better with each update. Congratulations to the team.

I personally recommend the users to have this application on their phones to keep updates about our Nepali tithi and mitis, with the events and festivals. Keep saving our Nepali traditions and cultures.

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Sumi is the Content Manager of ICT BYTE. She is a tech enthusiast with lots of dreams and aspirations in life. She believes in the power of positive thinking for success and a happy life.



Is it legal to use a random address generator for hiding your financial identity?



Your virtual presence, which was once an avoidable luxury has now mutated into an irresistible necessity. Add internet along with food and water and your sustenance triangle completes.

The Internet has become a permanent source of information, enterprise, and entertainment. Businesses are becoming online day by day, so you can’t shy away from the over-arching benefits of the internet.

 Suddenly the world looks like a small place owing to instant communication through social media. In these changing circumstances, you surely won’t love to isolate yourself from the rest of the world.

On one side, you can witness tremendous benefits of the web but on the other hand, you can see the looming threats posed to your real as well as financial identity.

The only way to save your back from the impending cyberattacks is to monitor your finances constantly. This can be done by using a random address generator.

Let’s see how it can work for you.

What are the common threats to your financial identity?

Internet security threats have spawned over the years as more and more people are connecting on the internet.

The recent pandemic has further aggravated the situation, as depicted by ABC news.

UN disarmament chief says that malicious emails have increased up to 600%.

This increases the vulnerability of an unprotected network on the internet. Moreover, it can cost you even your life if you do not take precautions.

Common threats on the internet are:

1.     Computer viruses:

These are computer programs that infiltrate a system without users’ permission or knowledge. They are meant to destroy the system of a computer to affect the finances.

2.     Hackers:

These are the people that break into your computer to steal, destroy, or spy. They may have different aims but they can steal your credit card information and your house addresses to plan some harmful acts.

3.     Phishing pages:

These are fake pages of a trusted website such as Facebook or Gmail. These pages look similar to the real ones but are actually fake.

When a user gives its personal or financial information, the page owner steals that information and uses it for their own financial gains.

Defining random address generator:

A random address generator is an online tool that provides fake credentials of a person living somewhere around the globe.

How a random address generator saves you from cyberthreats?

Your finances are potentially under threat even if they are protected. Because attackers develop new ways and means to undermine your secure connections.

 Therefore, you must pre-empt their attacks with hands-on approaches like a random address generator.

There can be different scenarios in which this tool can save you.

Sometimes you want to play online games or register yourself free to avail some sort of service. In that case, it is better to use a random address to get away with dubious registration.

If unfortunately, you furnish the right information then you are at financial risks because the webmaster may extort money from your account.

Similarly, hackers are using enticing malicious emails to break into the user system. People unknowingly subscribe to these email services and provide their real addresses. In this way, they become vulnerable to hacking.

To avoid any serious damage, they can use this random address generator tool to save their system from hackers.

Is it a legal tool?

It depends upon your intention of using it. If you are using this tool to scam people then you are committing a crime because using a fake address for your business is an illegal activity.

However, if you are using a random address generator to hide your financial identity then it is perfectly legal.

Along with other techniques, a fake address can be a good option to protect your resources from the harmful effects of the internet.

Wrapping up:

The Internet has a lot of benefits as it has provided unprecedented ease and comfort to our lives. Along with its usefulness, there is a flip side to it. Your identity becomes very precarious and exposed to ransomware and hackers.

However, a random address generator is although not very popular among the masses, can be a useful tool to monitor your finances and to duly protect them from cyber-attacks.

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Beauty Pageant and Tech World



Women empowerment doesn’t come in one form, it comes in many forms. When people think of beauty pageants, the first thing that comes to their mind is girls performing on stage,decked out in their best attire with their makeup and hair expertly styled. Some individuals, on the other hand, pay attention to the amount of effort, dedication, and planning that goes into these events. Since there are multiple views associated with this topic, the talk about pageants is very intriguing.And technology plays a vital role in influencing the pageantry world. 

We are living in an era where technological advancements are commonplace. Having considered that, technology has positive and negative effects on the pageantry world.The engagement with the audience is one component of technology that has had a significant impact on pageants. Technology has given us access to information at a  twenty four hour rate and anything can be found online. People can watch your performances through YouTube or any channel especially in this phase when physical presence is almost impossible.

Similarly, technology has brought many methods of electronic communication due to which you can have video conference or media conference with anyone over the world. Social media is considered as one of the most important element nowadays as it can help the event organizers to reach to their targeted audience, stay engaged with them and address their queries. 

Likewise, for the critics, beauty pageants are an outdated hangover of a patriarchal society that values women only for their beauty. And technology is one of the best way to showcase the fact that pageants are a platform for women’s empowerment, diversity, intelligence and leadership as media can easily find and reveal information about the whole program. 

However, everything has a downside to it and so is the case here. Audience or medias can generate wrong information about the event which can make a direct negative impact upon the organizers and cause damage to the brand’s reputation. Hence, fake news remains one of the biggest challenge for the organizers. A beauty pageant is a competition for empowering women who have a vision of becoming stronger and better versions of themselves while also inspiring other women to achieve the same and unite as one. Since, cyber threat is arising nowadays, if not handled properly, it can lower the self esteem of young people which can affect their physical and mental health.

Nonetheless, beauty pageants are considered as events that represent modernity and western values all over the world. Consequently, every individual that aspires to take part in pageant is represented on the global stage of beauties and every organizer forward their winners and the whole ceremony  to the national and international press, medias and so on. This shows that technology has infiltrated each and every part of pageantry world. 

Beauty pageants can be viewed from two perspectives: negatively or positively. And this whole thing is influenced by the technology. Without technology, pageantry world can’t succeed but the same technology can cause destruction to the whole program or the organizers. Since, everything has a bright side and a dark side and if we focused and worked on bright side, success is inevitable. To conclude, beauty pageants and technology world are two sides of the same coin.

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Nest Nepal Hosting Review: Is it worth buying Nest Nepal’s Hosting in Nepal?



After getting new management, ICT BYTE has changed its web hosting. Previously, we were using hosting from an international company. But now, we planned to use hosting from the Nepali company. We were in communication with different web hosting companies in Nepal. And finally, we decided to host from Nest Nepal.

Before using the hosting, we researched about Nest Nepal. First, we checked the website of the Office of Company Registrar and searched the company name Nest Nepal Business.

Nest Nepal Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is registered in the Office of Company Registrar Nepal, under the Ministry of Industry, Government of Nepal. Also, this company is registered in VAT. Check the below image.

Nest Nepal Business Solutions VAT Registration Details

Nest Nepal Business Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has PAN / VAT number 609828128. The company has registered the address Gothathar, Bindhyabasini Tole, Kageshwori Manohara Municipality, Kathmandu.

We have researched these to verify the company. And we found Nest Nepal Business Solution is a registered company under Nepal Government.

Now. let’s go to the topic.

Nest Nepal : Web Hosting Company in Nepal

Nest Nepal claims “The Most Powerful and Affordable Nepali Hosting to Exist !” itself. As per its home page, it is providing three types of hosting packages.

  • Shared Hosting : For bloggers and developers
  • Dedicated Hosting : For dedicated business
  • Reseller Hosting : For Hosting Companies

What are the Features that you get from Nest Nepal Hosting?

  1. Unlimited SSD Space
  2. Unlimited Bandwidth
  3. Free Weebly Site Builder
  4. Free Sitepad
  5. Free Domain
  6. Shared Hosting
  7. WordPress Hosting
  8. Dedicated Hosting
  9. VPS Hosting
  10. Reseller Hosting
  11. Litespeed Servers
  12. Unlimited Domains
  13. Unlimited Email Addresses
  14. Unlimited Subdomains
  15. Unlimited Databases
  16. Sitepad Website Builder
  17. 99.99% Uptime
  18. 24/7 Customer Support

Congratulations !

As you are a reader of ICT BYTE, you will get 15% OFF on web hosting from Nest Nepal Business Solutions!

Shared Hosting

  • Starting at Rs. 116/mo Shared Hosting,
  • Free cPanel
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Domains,
  • Unlimited Email
  • Unlimited Subdomain
  • Daily Backups,
  • Unlimited Databases
  • Auto Script Installer
  • Terminal Access,
  • Node Js Compatibility, Python Compatibility, Ruby on Rails,
  • Sitepad Website Builder
  • Free Domain

WordPress Hosting

  • Starting at Rs. 149/mo
  • WordPress Optimized, Free cPanel, Unlimited SSD Storage,
  • WordPress Installer, WordPress Scanner, Immunify360
  • Protection, Litespeed WordPress Management, Unlimited
  • Domains, Unlimited SSL Certificates, Unlimited Email
  • Address, Daily Backups (Free Domain)

Dedicated Hosting

  • Starting at Rs. 1099/mo
  • Upto 6 GB Dedicated RAM, 3 Dedicated CPU, Free SSL,
  • Unlimited SSD Storage, Unlimited Websites & Databases,
  • Unlimited Bandwidth, Free .com Domain

Reseller Hosting

  • Starting at Rs. 750/mo Unlimited cPanel Accounts, Unlimited SSD Storage, Litespeed
  • Web Server, Master Reseller Access, Unlimited Domains,
  • Unlimited Subdomains, Unlimited Websites, Private
  • Nameservers, 100% White labelled

VPS Hosting

  • Starting at 1299/mo
  • 8 vCPU Cores,
  • 30 GB RAM,
  • 800GB nvme SSD Space,
  • 1 IPv6 Address,
  • Unmetered Bandwidth,
  • Root Access,
  • DDoS Protection

How is the service of Nest Nepal Hosting in Nepal?

We are writing totally based on our own experience. We have used Nest Nepal hosting for almost 15 days now [10th July, 2021] and here, we are giving our review.


We haven’t encountered any downtime till the date for If we encountered any, we will let you know. Also, note that this is not sponsored content for Nest Nepal Hosting.

Load Time

It is delivering good load time. If you are also using hosting from Nest Nepal, how is your website performing? What is your website speed? Please let us know in the comment box.


This is the one thing that we liked most about Nest Nepal Hosting. While we encountered any issues and need to know something. they are providing support any time.

Money Back

To be honest, we don’t know it. We have never asked about it.

Site Security and Backup

You will be provided with unlimited SSLs and daily backup. And they regularly perform your security scan. So, you don’t need to worry about security and site backup while using nest Nepal hosting.

Free domain and Cpanel

You will get a free domain in Nest Nepal Hosting . Also, you will have access to the cpanel.

Have you used hosting from Nest Nepal? If yes, comment your experience.

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