iPhone price in Nepal | Updated September 2020

iPhone price in Nepal | Updated September 2020

iPhone doesn’t need any introduction. We all know the buzz it creates in the market when there is a new launch of any Apple products. iPhone price also creates a buzz in the market. Even if you are an android fan, you have once dreamed of getting an iPhone. Yes, the price of the iPhone is expensive comparing it to android. But its designs and engineers both hardware and software of each phone.

iPhone price in Nepal

Likewise, android phones usually design the model and use Google’s Android operating system to operate phones. Apple uses iOS as an operating system which is developed by itself. In Nepal, there is a big fanbase of iPhone. Even though the price of an apple phone is more than 1 lakh, people will still buy it if they have the chance and budget.

Here is a price list of all the available iPhone in Nepal with their price.

iPhone price in Nepal

iPhone SE 2020Rs. 70,000 (64GB)
Rs. 79,500 (128GB)
Rs. 96,000 (256GB)
iPhone 8Rs. 91,000(64GB)
Rs. 119,500(256GB)
iPhone 8 Plus Rs. 112,500(64GB)
Rs. 136,000(256GB)
iPhone XRs. 146,000(64GB)
Rs. 167,000(256GB)
iPhone XRRs. 96,000 (64GB)
Rs. 104,000 (128GB)
Rs. 112,000 (256GB)
iPhone XsRs. 139,000 (64GB)
Rs. 159,000 (256GB)
Rs. 185,000 (512GB)
iPhone Xs MaxRs. 159,000 (64GB)
Rs. 175,000 (256GB)
Rs. 185,000 (512GB)
iPhone 11Rs. 118,000 (64GB)
Rs. 126,000 (128GB)
Rs. 144,000 (256GB
iPhone 11 ProRs. 158,000 (64GB)
Rs. 179,000 (256GB)
Rs. 223,000 (512GB)
iPhone 11 Pro MaxRs. 175,000 (64GB)
Rs. 199,000 (256GB)
Rs. 237,000 (512GB)
iPhone 12Not launched yet

Many people buy iPhone through a relative outside the country. It is said to cost less than the market price. however, there is a official distributor of iPhone in Nepal,  Gen Nxt Communications Pvt. Ltd.

iPhone price in Nepal

The iPhone has some benefits like great camera quality, different features. Even the apps that are available in android, work differently in iOS. However, the iPhone can break easily as many of its models have a glass back. And breaking an iPhone is more painful than a breakup.

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