Earnings per share (EPS) of 27 Commercial banks in Nepal: Latest update

Earnings per share (EPS) of 27  Commercial banks in Nepal: Latest update

Earnings per share (EPS) is calculated as a company’s Net profit divided by the total number of shares of its common stock and the resulting number is an indicator of a company’s profitability.  So, investors value the companies with greater Earnings Per Share and provide higher share prices to the respective companies. The result of Earnings per share is assigned a rating from 1 to 99, with 99 being best.

Earnings per share (EPS) formula

Net Profit of Commercial Banks in Nepal

S.NNames of Commercial BankNet Profit (in Arba)
1Rastriya Banijya Bank4.45
2Nabil Bank3.57
3Agricultural Development Bank3.47
4NIC Asia Bank3.12
5Global IME Bank3.09
6Nepal Investment Bank2.57
7Nepal Bank2.56
8Himalayan Bank2.54
9Everest Bank2.5
10Prime Commercial Bank2.29
11NMB Bank2.27
12Siddhartha Bank2.09
13Standard Chartered Bank1.98
14Sanima Bank1.7
15Nepal SBI Bank1.53
16Mega Bank1.52
17Bank of Kathmandu1.48
18Laxmi Bank1.48
19Sunrise Bank1.39
20Prabhu Bank1.37
21Machhapuchchhre Bank1.25
22Nepal Bangladesh Bank1.24
23Kumari Bank1.22
24NCC Bank1.13
25Citizens Bank1.12
26Century Commercial Bank0.91
27Civil Bank0.46

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Number of Shares of Commercial Banks in Nepal (with their Paid-Up Capital)

S.NCommercial BankPaid Up Capital (Arba)No. of Ordinary Shares ( crores)
1Rastriya Banijya Bank99
2Nabil Bank10.110.1
3Agricultural Development Bank14.999.56
4NIC Asia Bank9.729.72
5Global IME Bank18.9818.98
6Nepal Investment Bank14.2514.25
7Nepal Bank11.2811.28
8Himalayan Bank9.379.37
9Everest Bank8.518.51
10Prime Commercial Bank13.9913.99
11NMB Bank13.9513.95
12Siddhartha Bank9.799.79
13Standard Chartered Bank8.018.01
14Sanima Bank8.88.8
15Nepal SBI Bank8.968.96
16Mega Bank13.1413.14
17Bank of Kathmandu8.558.55
18Laxmi Bank9.819.81
19Sunrise Bank8.978.97
20Prabhu Bank10.3210.32
21Machhapuchchhre Bank8.468.46
22Nepal Bangladesh Bank8.58.5
23Kumari Bank12.5212.52
24NCC Bank9.359.35
25Citizens Bank9.099.09
26Century Commercial Bank8.428.42
27Civil Bank88

Earnings per Share of Commercial Banks in Nepal

S.NCommercial BankEarnings Per Share (EPS)
1Rastriya Banijya Bank49.44
2Nabil Bank37.24
3Agricultural Development Bank32.88
4NIC Asia Bank32.13
5Global IME Bank16.27
6Nepal Investment Bank18.07
7Nepal Bank22.66
8Himalayan Bank27.13
9Everest Bank31.15
10Prime Commercial Bank16.39
11NMB Bank16.73
12Siddhartha Bank21.38
13Standard Chartered Bank24.76
14Sanima Bank19.35
15Nepal SBI Bank17.09
16Mega Bank14.92
17Bank of Kathmandu17.26
18Laxmi Bank15.13
19Sunrise Bank15.53
20Prabhu Bank13.93
21Machhapuchchhre Bank14.78
22Nepal Bangladesh Bank15.01
23Kumari Bank12.77
24NCC Bank12.09
25Citizens Bank12.92
26Century Commercial Bank10.77
27Civil Bank5.71


From the above calculation results, we can conclude that Rastriya Banijya Bank has the highest EPS at Rs 49.44, and Civil Bank has the lowest EPS of 5.71.

Is a high EPS good?

Yes, the higher the figure the better because EPS shows you how much of a company’s profit after tax that each shareholder owns.

Is a negative EPS bad?

Yes, When EPS is negative, it indicates that the company is losing money. 

How to improve EPS?

The EPS can be increased if they earn more or if they expand their margin by lowering costs. They can also utilize share buybacks; which means that they lower the number of shares that can be bought without making any alterations to the profits.

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