How To Unblock YouTube Video And Other Streaming Sites?

How To Unblock YouTube Video And Other Streaming Sites?
Unblock YouTube Video And Other Streaming Sites:

What comes on your mind when you heard the name YouTube? obviously, you just remember the video of youtube. Yes, you tube is the most popular video streaming site with more than 1 billion view per day. You want to view the videos from you tube but some might not available to you due to various reasons. you need to know why this video isn’t available to you?

so the most common and popular reason is each and every video is available to the viewer of each country but we need to know that those all videos are published with their own licensing terms and condition, copyright, regional restriction as per the definition of the video content creator. In the result you tube shows the message i.e .Sorry this video is not available to your county.

The another most common reason is if the published videos goes beyond the country’s law then the video will be manually restricted by the concerned authority of a country. though it comes on the freedom to get access to each videos of you tube to all but sometimes the videos tends to create the legal trouble that”s why we also need to respect the local law.

Yes, It is really possible to unblock youtube video and other video streaming sites is truly possible. We need to follow certain rules under the various method. So, Here tech byte is going to give you complete solution to unblock the blocked videos from various video streaming platforms.

Method 1: By Using VPN:

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. The main responsibility of VPN service is that it encrypts the user’s request and it starts to route the IP address to another country. which will bypass the local Videos restriction by hiding your online activities.So, It will be great option for you to Unblock YouTube Video And Other Streaming Sites
Before trying this method tech byte humble request to you is that only use the most trusted and working VPN services otherwise it will not work properly.
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Method 2: By using SmartDNS:

SmartDNS first search which country you need to get access to that video which is blocked from your locality. It redirect to a proxy server to the same country from where the video is related to by allowing you to re-rout the traffic. The plus point of the SmartDNS is that it provides you to 14 days free trial with no time.So, It will be great option for you to Unblock YouTube Video And Other Streaming Sites.
Note: Among the various proxy services only SmartDNS can unblock the video contents but can’t gives you the additional security.

Method 3: By using TOR Browser:

As we all know TOR browser is an unlimited tool to be anonymous and also helps to bypass and defeat censorship. It is popularly known for the encryption layer and with the help of encryption layer and worldwide server location TOR Browser easily unblock the video content by hiding your IP address. It makes you total anonymous about which IP address you are using so it helps you to unblock the videos contents very easily.So, It will be great option for you to Unblock YouTube Video And Other Streaming Sites.
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We hope these guidelines help you To Unblock YouTube Video And Other Streaming Sites. If any queries arise regarding this topic then ICT BYTE recommend you to comment below. Here, we are always active to help you so don’t hesitate to share your doubt.

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