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How to use TOR browser?

How to use TOR browser?

About TOR:

If you want to be secured from the browsers it is possible via their privates modes but you can’t be able to be complete anonymous from own ISP. to be total anonymous it is not possible without dark web i.e TOR (The Onion Routing). the private modes from various doesn’t have rights to make you totally anonymous. For this situation you compulsory need to have access into Dark web. One of the dark website Onion Router offers you to be protected from any kinds of online activity, location and Identity are wrapped safe of bring stressed.

Here, Tech-byte is going to help you for installing TOR browser and using it.

Download TOR Browser:

Click here to download TOR Browser. We here redirects you to official website of tor browser.
Note: Downloading TOR Browser from any other resources may seriously damage your device.
Just like any other installation it will also remains doesn’t shows you any other issue so patently wait for the download and setup. Once you installed it then you may moves your further steps for using it.

Follow the below mentioned steps to use TOR browser:

  1. Choose the security level to standard level.
  2. Change your search engine browsing habits. Rather than using Google, Bing you may use DuckDuckgo.
  3. Create new identity to be more secured.
  4. click the hamburger icon then select new identity.
  5. This will restart your computer in order to obtain new ip address.
  6. Use HTTPS sites rather than using HTTP sites.
  7. Try VPN in addition for more benefit. It will additionally hides your activity in TOR browser.

Now you are all set.

We hope these guidelines help you to use TOR browser. If any queries arise regarding this topic then ICT BYTE recommend you to comment below. Here, we are always active to help you so don’t hesitate to share your doubt.

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