Big Tech Makes Initial Efforts to Reintroduce Workers to the Workplace

Big Tech Makes Initial Efforts to Reintroduce Workers to the Workplace

Even though the covid-19 pandemic is still continuing around the world, major tech firms tend to be inspired by recent developments and are taking the first steps to reintroduce workers at office.

Uber and Facebook also revealed this week that a small portion of their employees would be returning to some of their offices. Uber’s Mission Bay offices in San Francisco will reintroduce workers on Monday with a 20 percent occupancy rate, while Facebook plans to reopen select offices in the Bay Area on a rolling basis starting in May with a maximum seated capacity of up to 10%. On Monday, Microsoft’s Redmond, Washington, and surrounding campuses will be open to the public on a limited basis.

Reintroducing workers at Uber, Facebook, and Microsoft will be voluntary for the time being.

Depending on where they are situated, several of Facebook’s offices are in various stages of reopening. The organization looks at local health data, specifically local case statistics, vaccination rates, and local access to testing and therapeutics, among other items, to decide how and when to reopen.

In terms of other major tech firms, the Verge announced that Google’s intentions to return to the office are currently unclear. Google announced in 2020 that its staff will be able to operate from home until September of this year.

According to Bloomberg, Apple CEO Tim Cook said in December that it was unlikely that the majority of teams will return to work before June 2021. In the meantime, Twitter and Spotify are encouraging workers to work from home permanently.

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