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Using a USB device? Follow these do’s and dont’s



do and donts while using USB

USB Devices are mostly used to transfer the data to our multiple devices. So, it’s very risky and had a high chance of getting infected by malware.

They are randomly used in multiple devices without thinking twice and with so little care.So, this makes them vulnerable to act as a objects of data theft and virus contamination.

We should be careful and be safe while using this to prevent from USB viruses.

I just saw a post from SBI ” State bank of India” sharing some useful tips on this topic so thought to share this.

Do’s and Dont’s while using USB devices


  • Encrypt the files and folders on the device containing bank statements
  • Scan the USB device with the latest Antivirus before accessing
  • Protect the device with a password
  • Use USB security products to access or copy data in the USB.


  • Do not accept any promotional USB device from unknown members.
  • Never keep sensitive information like bank details and passwords on a USB disk.
  • Never connect the device to a virus-infected system.

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