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Using a USB device? Follow these do’s and dont’s

Using a USB device? Follow these do’s and dont’s

USB Devices are mostly used to transfer the data to our multiple devices. So, it’s very risky and had a high chance of getting infected by malware.

They are randomly used in multiple devices without thinking twice and with so little care.So, this makes them vulnerable to act as a objects of data theft and virus contamination.

We should be careful and be safe while using this to prevent from USB viruses.

I just saw a post from SBI ” State bank of India” sharing some useful tips on this topic so thought to share this.

Do’s and Dont’s while using USB devices


  • Encrypt the files and folders on the device containing bank statements
  • Scan the USB device with the latest Antivirus before accessing
  • Protect the device with a password
  • Use USB security products to access or copy data in the USB.


  • Do not accept any promotional USB device from unknown members.
  • Never keep sensitive information like bank details and passwords on a USB disk.
  • Never connect the device to a virus-infected system.

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