How To Choose the Best Gaming Phones?

How To Choose the Best Gaming Phones?

Everyone has their own taste while buying a smartphone, some buy for photography while some buy for just for normal use. But many of them want to buy a gaming phone.

And for a game lover, a smartphone must have some advanced features like great hardware is a must. So normal smartphones can’t give you a smooth gaming experience at all. Therefore, while buying a gaming phone, you should consider some features. What? We’ll let you know.

Factors to be considered while buying gaming phone

1.Battery Life

Gaming Phones-Battery life
Battery Performance

Imagine you are busy playing your favorite game but a notification pops up saying to charge your phone. It really sucks up! For a gaming phone, battery life is always important. Since playing games consumes more power, a phone with higher battery life is must. Moreover, new models of smartphones are built with rapid-charging technology that provides you with a fast charging time.


Gaming Phone-RAM
8 GB RAM-Sony H8526

Nowadays, most of the smartphone comes with minimum 1GB RAM, but varies in the size like megahertz. And if we see some of the trending gaming apps, they take up less than 1GB space of your smartphone. However, weapon inventories and character customization are all added to the size of app. So, for gaming phone, you need to choose minimum of 2GB RAM with high megahertz.

3. Screen Size

Gaming Phone-Screen size
Screen -iPhone 11

If you are a true game lover, screen size of smartphones matters a lot. And smartphones these days comes with a display of around 6 inches. With this screen size along with a high ratio gives best feeling in the battlefield. It will make easy for you select from the range of options during game.


Mobile Processors- Gaming Phone
Mobile Processors

This is the most important factor that differentiates a gaming phone from a normal phone. It decides how quickly a phone is able to process your touch and render heavy graphics. So, for the gaming phone, a Snapdragon 845 processor can be said as the best one for a good experience. Also, a good processor will definitely have optimal energy consumption.

Considering all the above-mentioned factors, we have selected the top 5 smartphones for game lovers. Read Best Gaming Phones in Nepal

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