Slow Internet? How to fix the issue of sluggish internet?

Slow Internet? How to fix the issue of sluggish internet?

Today, the internet speed slow issue is common problem for we all. This might be sometimes occurred with our faults or sometimes may occurred from any other external issues. It is very annoying, irritating and hard time to us when our internet suddenly slows. There are very few people who can fix this problem very easily but average people don’t know how to tackles with this situation. So, Here TECH BYTE is going to give you some tips and ideas about this problem.


Since, when you are using this device? Is is more than four or five years? How many tab will you open at once at your device? Do you need to do multitasking?
only your device is facing the slow internet connection problem or not?
If above mentioned situation will be positive to you then it is the problem of gadget. Because The new applications is unsupported to your device. Old device doesn’t contains enough memory to run leteast application and other internet service.
So, if this is your problem then you can fix such problem by following the below mentioned steps:

Fix Device Issue:

  • Restart you device instantly when your internet speed gets slow.
  • Don’t open many tabs at once. Only open one tab at once.
  • RAM is responsible to hold data so don’t install too big storage having apps.


First of all you have to verify only your wifi connection is slow or the internet speed comming via ISP is having some problems. Might be the problems is having in your router only because we use same router’s wire to connect various gadgets, laptops, dorbell and so on. It may be affecting your internet speed because the main function of ISP is to provide internet connection via router to router so may be the problem is in your router.
So, if this is your problem then you can fix such problem by following the below mentioned steps:

Fix router issue:

  • First of all reboot your MODEM and turn off your router for a couple of minutes then only turn on your router.
  • Take screenshot of your internet connection speed from near the router and far from your router respectively then compare all results. If the result contains same then the problem is on the ISP if no then maybe you are on the “DEAD ZONE”.
  • There are three numbers as result. They really means:
    • Latency: Latency is the process in which the speed between your device and internet server is measured about how times does it take to transfer small is good if the number is below 20 ms( millisecond )
    • Upload Speed
    • Download speed
  • Another important internet speed effecting factor is that where you placed your router? Mainly put your router in the level of forehead or above because signals may be lost if you keep you router to the corners of room.

Manage MODEM and update router:

Maximum people have a common problem of internet connection and signal. If you are living in old plastered house then probably you wire may be damaged.
So, if this is your problem then you can fix such problem by following the below mentioned ways and steps:

  • If you need strongest network connection then direct wire Ethernet cable to your computer or laptop.
  • Another way is fix the router in a central part of your house and clear the things which effects the internet speed and connection.
  • Confirm that the bandwidth is enough or not to all user of your WiFi.
  • If you are continuously using the same internet plans for long time then contact with ISP to ask the update is available or not? and also ask them to change your plan if the speed is not enough to you.

Alternate of Broadband:

If the Geographical formation is complex or not good it also effects your internet connection. But you don’t need to worry about it. You can use your android or iOS device as a broadband and directly connect it into your computer and laptop.

  • If you are iPhone user then go to personal hotspot and open hotspot.
  • Android users can go to Settings>connection>mobile hotspot>tethering and then open tethering.
    • To setup hotspot follow the on-screen instruction.

Now you are all set.

We hope these guidelines help you Fix Some Minor Internet Issue at Your Home. If any queries arise regarding this topic then ICT BYTE recommend you to comment below. Here, we are always active to help you so don’t hesitate to share your doubt.

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