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Android Vs iOS Which one to choose?

Operating System:

When it comes to buying a smartphone the first choice will tough to everyone. There are so many smartphone which attract you the most but hand countable phones only satisfy us. We have still trouble to choose a best and reliable smartphone even the operating systems are in option. It is even more difficult to choose among android operating system and iphone Operating System iOS. But some of closer and microscopic observation/study can distinguish some difference between the android opearting system and iphone opearting system. So here we are highlighting you some differences between Android and iOS.

Android Vs iOS (Iphone Operating System):


Android gives the responsibility to design hardware to a reputed company like Samsung, HTC, Motorola etc via Google. iOs have it’s own responsibility to design Hardware. android operating system is not responsible for it’s hardware manufacture but iOS need to take responsibility of their hardware. According to the price level the hardware of Android is determines. iOS have common price. thus, the quality of hardware is best in case of price level on android than iOS but from the angle of responsibility shows iOS have quality hardware.


Gamming was dominated by Nintendo’s 3DS and Sony’s playstation Vita but iphone grabbed a market.
Android operating system doesn’t properly supports the Gamming because of their hardware and software design and structure. But when it comes on iphone everything is in the favor to be one of the best platform of gamming.


The cost of Android varies according to the company. iOS price is fixed. We can get various price range phones as android but not in iphone. Iphone is only affordable to high class people but Android can easily accessible to economically backward people also.

Integration with Desktop and Other Devices:

Apple’s device ecosystem includes far more than just laptops and phones, though: iOS ties in neatly with Apple Watch, Apple TV, the HomePod smart speaker, and iPads (which now run their own iPadOS operating system). Google has the Wear Watch OS that’s far less prevalent than the Apple Watch, and Android tablets trail iPads substantially. The Google Nest family of smart speakers and screens, however, generally exceed Apple’s Siri-powered devices in PCMag’s ratings, and third-party Google Assistant speakers are available from the likes of Bose and Sonos.

Artificial Intelligence/Voice assistance:

Google Assistant lets you control a TV with a Chromecast, and the company just released a new model with a Google TV interface based on Android TV that also ties in with the voice assistant. A 2019 study by Perficient, in which 5,000 questions were asked of five assistants, Google had the most correct answers, and Siri didn’t even attempt an answer on about half the number of questions that Assistant answered correctly.

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