Same Short Code For Ncell, Ntc, & Smart Cell Within 6 months

Same Short Code For Ncell, Ntc, & Smart Cell Within 6 months

Same Short Code

The Nepal Telecommunications Authority (NTA) has decided that within the six months from now, all the telecom companies will have the same short code for Checking balance, Recharge, and balance transfer.

Shortcodes in telecom are 3-5 digit numbers which are used to get various services from telecom companies. Various telecom companies have their own codes in Nepal like Ncell, NTC, Smart cell have their own codes from which users can subscribe to various services.

According to the NTA the codes which will be allocated to Telecom Companies are:

  • Balance Check: *144#
  • Balance Recharge: *122#
  • Balance Transfer: *133#

Due to this, the users will be highly benefited as there won’t be a problem in remembering the short codes for different services for different providers. All the users can use the same code for balance check, recharge, and transfer.

Also after the implementation of the same shortcodes, the old codes won’t be expired until a year. So users can use old and new shortcodes for a year after that only new shortcode will be valid


Which companies will have same code?

Ncell, Ntc and Smart cell will have same code.

How to check balance in NTC?

Balance: #400*
Balance transfer: *422*SecurityCode*MobileNumber*transfer amount#

How to check balance in Ncell?

Balance: #101*
Balance transfer: dial *17122*<Type receiver’s phone number>*<Type transfer amount>#.

Same Short Code
ntc Same Short Code
Same Short Code
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