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NTC Data Packs.Everything you need to know about the NTC data packs and rates



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Data packs are really popular these days for various purposes. People prefer data usage to surf the internet without any interruptions and buffering issues.

They use the mobile data packs while traveling or when they are outside the coverage of Wi-Fi. So there are various packages brought by Nepal Telecom as per the user’s requirement.

Mostly streaming data packs are used to watch videos, movies on Netflix, WOW time, and so on. Similarly, normal data packs of different volume packages are used for daily use.

There are different packages and schemes, offers of NTC data packages. So, here are some of the lists of queries that users generally make to know about NTC data packages.

NTC Data Packs and Rates

What are NTC Data packs?

Data packs are specially designed data volumes which are basically categorized as Day pack, Night pack, 1Hr unlimited data pack, social media pack, stay connected packs, and so on.
– Dial *1415# to see the types of NTC data packs.

What is the time of NTC Day Data Pack?

NTC Day data pack is available from early morning 6 am to evening 6 pm.

How can I get free NTC Data?

NTC upgraded to 4G service. So, for initial users activating 4G service, users get free data.
-Dial *444# and call on the USSD code. Then enter 1 to activate the 4G services. You will get 100 MB Free data with 4 days’ validity.

How much does NTC Day Data packs costs?

It depends on the size of data packs and their validity.
NTC 80 MB day data pack costs you Rs.10 with 24hrs validity.
NTC 200 MB day data pack costs you Rs.15 with 24 hrs validity.

What is the cost of 200 MB Data pack?

NTC 200 MB day data pack costs you Rs.15.
-SMS with a text Data200 MB to 1415 to subscribe to the 200 MB data pack.

How do I use NTC streaming data pack?

Streaming data pack is generally for Youtube users. To subscribe to this pack, you need to send a message by typing a text YT100MB to 1415.
You will get 150 MB data including a bonus, which is valid for a day at the price of Rs 10.

How can I get unlimited Data pack of NTC?

Dial *1415# on the dialer and you will get list of data packages option. To subscribe for unlimited data pack further type the number of unlimited options among the list.
Also, Send a message to 1415 by typing a NUNL. Type UNL7 to 1415 for a 7 days unlimited data pack.

What is the cost of 1 Hr unlimited Data pack?

It costs you Rs 20 for 1 hour of unlimited data pack.

How much does NTC Monthly Data packs costs?

-The monthly pack(2000 MB) costs you Rs. 260 with 28 days validity. To subscribe, Type text DATA2000MB and send SMS to 1415
-The monthly pack(6000 MB) costs you Rs. 500 with 28 days validity. To subscribe, Type text DATA6000MB and send SMS to 1415
-The monthly pack(14000 MB) costs you Rs. 700 with 28 days validity. To subscribe, Type text DATA14000MB and send SMS to 1415

How can I get 4G NTC Data packs?

To subscribe to the 4G data packs you need to dial *1415# and select the NTC 4G Data packs option in number 5. Further, select the different Volume pack as your need.

How can I get data pack in NTC postpaid?

 Dial *1415*2# in your postpaid number. Select the pack as per your need among the options.

What can you do with 1GB of data?

1GB (or 1024MB) of data can provide you data pack to send or receive about 1,000 emails and browse the Internet for about 20 hours every month. 

How can I get MB on my NTC SIM card?

You can send the Data pack code from your message to 1415.
-For CDMA users, find the SMS code and send it to 1415 since they cannot use the USSD.
-For both GSM and CDMA, you can also login to NTC mobile app and go to “Buy Data Pack”.

How can I deactivate my NTC data pack?

You cannot deactivate the subscription packages you have bought. But you can save the data usage by turning off mobile data in you r mobile and use the data only in need until the validity of data package.

How many GB of mobile data is needed to watch 2 hrs movie?

About 1 GB of data per hour is required for each stream of standard definition videos in Netflix or movie applications, and up to 3 GB per hour is needed for each stream of HD videos.

What is social media pack and how to subscribe social media data pack in NTC?

The social media pack is a special data pack to surf social media applications like Facebook, Instagram, and Whatsapp.
-Dial *1415# and Click on the Social Media pack to know the various social media packages.

What is the cost of NTC Social Media Pack?

-Social Media pack(600 MB) costs you Rs. 65 with 7 days validity.
-Social Media pack(250 MB) costs you Rs. 35 with 3 days validity.
-Social Media pack(70 MB) costs you Rs. 10 with 7 days validity. (For prepaid users only)

What is NTC Stay Connected packs?

Stay Connected pack is the special offer package on data packs and voice packs to stay connected during this pandemic COVID-19.ntc stay connected offers

How much I get on Stay connected data pack?

-Get 4 GB Data @ Rs.100; 1 GB + 3 GB (4G Bonus); valid for 5 days.
-Get 10 GB Data @ Rs.200; 2 GB + 8 GB (4G Bonus); valid for 7 days.

How much I get on Stay connected voice pack?

-Get 60 min. Voice @ Rs.25 only; 40 min. + 20 min. (50% Bonus); valid for 1 day.
-Get 285 min. Voice @ Rs.100 only; 190 min. + 95 min. (50% Bonus); valid for 7 days.

What is the deadline of Stay Connected NTC offer?

Stay Connected Offer is extended up to 14th June 2020.

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