Nepal Telecom Must know shortcodes if you are NTC Customer

Nepal Telecom: Must know shortcodes if you are NTC Customer

Nepal Telecom recently introduced some useful short-codes to its customers.

These shortcodes are for knowing the latest offers, checking balance, check mobile number, check SIM owner, call forward, and more.

Some Frequently Asked Services, Packages about Nepal Telecom

How to know Latest Offers in Nepal Telecom?

Dial *1415# and know the latest offers.

How much balance do I have in NTC SIM?

To check your NTC balance, dial *400#

Can I check my mobile number in Nepal Telecom?

Yes. Simply dial *9# to check your NTC phone number.

Who is the owner of my NTC SIM Card? or On whose name my SIM Card is registered in Nepal Telecom?

To know the SIM owner, dial *922#

How to activate call forward in Nepal Telecom?

To activate call forwarding, dial **21*98xxxxxxxx*Forwarding Number#

What is the process of cancelling call forwarding?

To cancel call forward in Nepal Telecom, dial ##002#

How to Activate Call Waiting in Nepal Telecom?

Dial *43#

What is the process to cancel call waiting?

Dial #43#

What is the process of balance transfer in NTC Prepaid and Postpaid?

To transfer balance in Nepal TElecom, dial *422*SecurityCode* MobileNumber*Rs.#

Can I know Security code of my NTC SIM?

Yes. To get the security code of your NTC SIM Card, send message SCODE to 1415

PackagesKnow Latest Offers*1415#Dial
BalanceCheck Balance*400#Dial
Mobile NumberCheck Your Mobile Number*9#Dial
SIM OwnerCheck Your SIM Owner*922#Dial
Call ForwardCall Forward Activate**21*98xxxxxxxx*
Forwarding Number#
Call ForwardCall Forward Cancel##002#Dial
Call WaitCall Waiting Activate*43#Dial
Call WaitCall Waiting Cancel#43#Dial
Balance TransferBalance Transfer*422*SecurityCode*
Security CodeSecurity CodeSCODE and Send to 1415SMS
ISDISD Activate#331*0000#Dial
ISDISD Deactivate*331*0000#Dial
CRBTCRBT ActivateSUB to 1455SMS
CRBTCRBT DeactivateUnsub to 1455SMS
Namaste CreditNAMASTE CREDIT activateSTART to 1477SMS
Namaste CreditNAMASTE CREDIT deactivateSTOP to 1477SMS
MCAMCA Activate*1400*1#Dial
MCAMCA Deactivate*1400*2#Dial
FNFFNF ActivateFNFSUB9841xxxxxx to 1415SMS
FNFFNF ADDFNFADD01488xxxx to 1415SMS

2. Landline, ADSL, FTTH

LandlineBill InquiryCB*01488xxxx  to 1415SMS
ADSLADSL Offer ValidityVL*NTADSL01488xxxx to 1415SMS
ADSLADSL Balance InquiryBL*NTADSL01488xxxx to 1415SMS

3. Inquiry & Complain

Landline Telephone Repair198Dial
Landline Number Inquiry197Dial
MobileCustomer Support1498Dial
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