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Are you using SIM Card, registered under other people’s names? Here is how you can change the owner name of NTC Sim

Do you want to change the owner name of NTC SIM ? Here, we have listed all the process and requirements to ownwership transfer of sim card by Nepal Telecom.

How to change a SIM to your name, who is registered in someone else’s name?

If you are a SIM card user of Nepal Telecom (NTC)and you are using a SIM card that is in other’s name, now you have to transfer the SIM card to your name.

For this, you need to find out in whose name the SIM card is registered in.

How to check NTC SIM Card Owner’s Name?

Nepal Telecom users can find out the name of the SIM by dialing *922# on their mobile.

If the SIM card is not registered in your name, and you want to change it to your name, NTC has provided a certain procedure.

How to do an NTC SIM Card Ownership transfer in a postpaid sim?

For Prepaid SIM Card, to transfer the SIM owner’s name, you have to go to the office of Nepal Telecom along with the real subscriber of the SIM. If the person registered in the SIM is not available, a copy of the identity card of the person needs to be attached to the duly filled form, along with the customer’s consent and the reason for not being able to attend the office.

Similarly, you have to verify 5-7 numbers that you have called from that SIM card within the last 6 months. The SIM card is changed after the document submission process is completed.

If a customer is disabled, a letter and a copy of his/her identity card, if the customer is present with the original identity card, and if a customer is dead, the rightful relative will be available with a document proving the relationship and death certificate.

According to the company, if the details of the customer are different from the actual user, the SIM card can be changed after filling in the customer application form along with the acknowledgment letter and identity card of the customer taking the SIM card.

How to do an NTC SIM Card Ownership transfer in a postpaid sim?

Even in the case of postpaid SIM, both the person taking the SIM card and the person whose name is on the SIM card should be present at the office. If the person whose name is on the SIM card is not present, then the person’s certificate should be brought to the office.

Also, a photocopy of the full citizenship of the person who is accompanying you and a photocopy of the citizenship of the person whose name is on the SIM card is mandatory. If so, one copy of the photograph of the recipient will also be required.

If it is the case of an organization, the PAN number and registration document of both organizations will be required. After reaching the office with these documents, you have to fill a form there. By filling the form, you can transfer the SIM card to your name.

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