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Elon Musk stepping down as CEO of Twitter

Elon Musk stepping down as CEO of Twitter

Elon Musk is going to resign as the chief executive officer (CEO) of the social network Twitter. Musk announced his resignation as CEO in a tweet on Wednesday morning. He has said that he will resign as soon as another person is found for CEO and that he will look after the software and server team.

Previously, Musk had asked users to vote on whether or not he would remain as Twitter’s CEO in the future and said he would respect that vote. “Should I step down as the head of Twitter?” he asked Twitter users to click on “yes or no” for the answer. A few weeks after he took over as CEO of Twitter, Twitter has said that it will move forward according to the user’s opinions.

57.5 percent of the more than 10.7 million Twitter users voted against him. 42.5 percent voted in favor. He said that he respects the opinion of users and does not have a different opinion.

Musk posted the survey shortly after he unexpectedly admitted to the mistake of banning Twitter users from promoting their accounts on the rival social network. “There will be a vote for major policy changes in the coming days. I apologize. It will not happen again,” he wrote.

Musk has made controversial decisions since taking over the company last October. Such decisions are encouraged to encourage followers to view their posts on other sites. “No longer allowed for free promotion of other social networks,” Twitter said. For example, users will be banned from posting ‘follow me’ on Instagram, Twitter said. Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey questioned the new policy.

Musk also owns car maker Tesla and rocket firm SpaceX. Since becoming the head of Twitter on October 27, he has repeatedly been in controversy. Since then, he has fired half of the company’s employees. Users were angry with him for trying to charge for services that were previously free.

Along with buying Twitter, he fired CEO Parag Agarwal along with top executives.

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